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News relating to the ongoing development of the Scottish Rugby Blog website including new rugby writers, new features and announcements.

We Have A Winner

By means of a random drawing, the winner of our first competition is reader Gus. His favourite memory of last year was the following:

“Being Proud of our Rugby again
Not being patronised by the national press.
But Mainly, Hearing that Thom Evans would be OK.”

Which is a sentiment we can all get behind. If you check your email Gus we’ll get your prize out to you as soon as possible. Once again thanks to Vision Sports Publishing (publishers of the IRB World Rugby Yearbook) and Dundee HSFP for donating the prizes.

We Are 3!

Scottish Rugby Blog was formed by myself and Al following Rugby World Cup ’07, and the first post appeared 3 years ago today, so that means it is our 3rd birthday!

We would like to thank all of our readers – especially the ones who comment – and the team of writers that has grown with the blog. We hope you will keep coming back!

Beyond Saints and Stingers

So in the end last week wasn’t so bad. Glasgow conquered the Dragons. Edinburgh where unlucky to lose (Thanks to the ‘Knee of God’). In Delhi Scotland just missed out on a semi-final place, and finished a respectable 6th. This is almost erring on the side of a positive week! Throw in some liberated miners, some fat-headed American tycoon-types getting chased out of Liverpool, and some posh people getting slagged off on the Apprentice. Yup…good week so far!

So how do we keep the good times going?

The BBC is Impartial

So the other night I was out in my shed, trying to finish off the bed/woodwork project I have been working on this summer (mostly while having to suffer football on the wireless) and listening to BBC Radio Scotland’s live broadcast from the Glasgow vs Sale game (which I think Gregor may have a report on for you soon).  Apologies if this turns into Dr Seuss.

Yup we’re still here

Busy busy in other areas at the moment, so with not much happening on the Scottish Rugby front we’re keeping a low profile. However any little tidbits and nonsense will go up on the twitter feed (see the sidebars) until the pre-season excitement starts building…hope you are all enjoying your summer, or as we call it in Scotland, “summer”…

Have Balls, Will Travel

I’m an open-minded guy. I’ve tried sushi, and I even watched ‘The Proposal’ with my girlfriend, once.

So when I arrived in Canada to play rugby I did so without expectations. A good thing I did, too.  Within my first two days I received cultural shocks; shocks that highlighted the differences, both rugby-related and social in nature, between New World rugby nations, and ‘established’ ones.

Eight Summers of Exile

The revelations of the last few days that the SRU don’t want to tour the big southern hemisphere nations because it will stifle our developing players has, understandably, been met with disdain from some quarters. Robbo says “as far as our overseas tours are concerned I do not believe it would be beneficial for us to play a series of three Tests against the individual SANZAR countries at the end of our season. What I believe works for us, from a performance perspective, is a mix between SANZAR and Tier 2 unions as that gives us the opportunity to develop players which is part and parcel of touring”. Meanwhile, a great number of Scottish fans will be saying, “WOW! Look at him spin!”

The End of the ‘Amateur’ Season

Sorry for the belated piece, guys; I’m currently playing rugby in Canada and have been enjoying, *ahem*, what North America has to offer. That is a report for another day, though…

So the Premier 1 season is done! Over! Finito! And what a surprising and refreshing season it has been for Scottish Club Rugby. With all the grumblings about the proposed changes to structure and format for the top divisions and whether it is what ‘amateur’ rugby needs, and a rumoured step away from an allegedly ailing cup competition perhaps it is a good time to reflect on the positives of this season.

Glasgow Make The Playoffs

Congratulations to Sean Lineen and the Glasgow team who have made it through to the playoffs with one week of the season remaining. A strong showing against the Scarlets and they may still sneak a home semi, which would be invaluable considering the candidates in opposition are likely to be Leinster, Munster or the Ospreys. New boy Duncan Weir in on the bench for the injured Ruaridh Jackson seems to have had a good 9 minute cameo before the stirring send off given to Dan Parks and Kelly Brown by the sizeable Firhill crowd.

The reason for Glasgow securing such a position? Another pretty woeful performance from Edinburgh, who unfortunately seem to have gone backwards under Rob Moffatt this season, losing the head in attack and the plot in defence. Thank goodness for Tim Visser, the dutchman who is at the moment the only one with his finger in the dyke holding back the tide of mediocrity.

Edinburgh have lost a number of internationalists to long-term injuries this season and clearly missed the ability and leadership of Chris Paterson and Ally Hogg.

As someone pointed out in the comments over on the Scotsman site, is this the same Ally Hogg that has hasn’t been given a contract for next season?