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In Need of Your Help!

Premier 1 rugby is a bit of a family affair for me.

My father has served as President, Coach and Captain for Dundee HSFP. My two Brothers Andrew and Neil play scrum half and prop, respectively, for the same club. Myself, the black sheep of the family, I play prop for Heriot’s. I’m pretty sure my Mum hates rugby.

Needless to say things get a little competitive round our gaff. Every year we have a ridiculous bet on something. A few years ago it was on English Premier League football. The supporter of the team that finished lower in the table had to drink something incredibly unsavoury. Thanks for getting relegated, Newcastle…

So after betting on football, rugby, endurance events, X Factor and a million things in between, we were at a loss for what to bet on this season. Then I remembered that Shaun Wright-Phillips and his brother Bradley had a bet on Soccer AM about who scores more goals in a season. Fairly easy to emulate. Whoever scores the most points this season wins.

As it stands the scores are:

Neil Dymock-   5 pts

Andrew Dymock- 0 pts

Alan Dymock- 5 pts

That’s right. The scrum half is losing to two props.

However, the bet is the easy part. What we need is a forfeit. That’s where you come in. We need suggestions for what the loser/losers have to do come the end of the season. Be as outlandish as you want just keep it clean! I’ll let Rory pick his favourite.

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4 Responses

  1. I would humbly suggest, organising a day out, which has the loser getting paintballed in the skud and doing Centurion with Cider.

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