The BBC is Impartial

So the other night I was out in my shed, trying to finish off the bed/woodwork project I have been working on this summer (mostly while having to suffer football on the wireless) and listening to BBC Radio Scotland’s live broadcast from the Glasgow vs Sale game (which I think Gregor may have a report on for you soon).  Apologies if this turns into Dr Seuss.John Beattie was asking people to text in all the weird and wondrous locations they were listening to the show from, such as Moray Low’s folks having to listen in their car due to poor reception.

Aha, I thought, here’s a chance to plug the blog as the season gets under way and get some more lovely readers for our ramblings. So I duly texted in, mentioning said blog, shed and bed. Sure enough, the bed in the shed gets on air straight away but no mention of the blog. Later it transpired Peter Wright was unable to grasp the concept of a bed in a shed – I suppose I forgot that most folks’ sheds are small garden jobs not some ramshackle old cowshed with space for a double (plus cows if required, I suppose). So I followed up, only for the saga to continue – I thought the tractor in the coal mine was a lot more interesting, how did he get reception? – but still without any pluggage and me looking more and more like a weirdo. So here, for the benefit of them (and possibly no-one else) is a picture of Friday’s work and also the partially complete bed possibly to illustrate what exactly I was up to.

more bed Bed

And now, since the bed was finished on Friday night and can now be moved indoors, and the season is upon us: back to rugby.