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Now that we have a team of crack (pot) writers working with common purpose, I thought it was time to do a bit of work on the site itself. So I’m throwing it out to you, the faithful reader (Al, AD and Gregor feel free to chime in too). Or even the unfaithful reader – if this is your first or hundredth time here we are still interested in your opinions. What would you like to see? More silly stuff? More serious stuff? Interviews? Travel pieces? More rampant nationalism? More articles about the Super 14?

How do we make Scottish Rugby Blog the #1 destination for Scottish rugby news (and ranting)?

Here are some of the things planned for the site:

  • Integrating our new twitter feed, along with some big links to follow us on twitter and facebook (yup we’re on there so you can get SRBlog posts in your news feed)
  • The ability to liveblog commentaries for the odd (or otherwise) game you might not be able to catch like they do for tennis etc over on the infinitely richer BBC
  • I might also look at the design a little, just because I like to tinker so any ideas for colours, styles etc

If you have any other suggestions on these or other matters please add them in the comments section. For example on the home page would you prefer short intros with “Read More” links so that you can see at a a glance the new articles you might want to read, or do you prefer to do all your reading on the home page in one big scroll (we’ve been experimenting with it this week so you can see it in action)?

In the season down-time if you have any ideas for articles or interviews we could do to keep the site busy please mention them too.

Thanks for reading, and contributing!

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13 Responses

  1. Perhaps, whenever appropriate, we could have an authoritative comment [by an ex-referee maybe] on controversial decisions relating to the laws of the game. For example, what would have been the correct decision if Scotland had elected to drop-kick straight into touch, at the “end” of the recent game against Wales? I’ve heard the comment [by a Welshman, mind!] that Scotland would have been penalised for unfair play.

    In response to your question, I would prefer short intros on the Home Page, with “read more” links.

    Having just recently discovered your website, I am enjoying the link with “home” which it provides for exiles such as myself.

  2. It so happens my father is an ex-referee and player who still keeps up to date with the laws, perhaps he would be willing to chime in occasionally! Thanks for reading Neil.

    Kev, I think the mammoth links section would grow further with links to every club, but we might consider a page for club links that they could submit to. Will have a think about the T-Shirts!

  3. For Mr Clancy to award a penalty after a direct drop kick to touch, he would have had to be sure that the kick out was intentional – very difficult to prove, but probably not beyond Mr Clancy! Given that the clock we saw on the screen was the official time from the TMO, the kick-off should never have taken place as time was up.
    At a referees meeting last night, we viewed some footage of the Wales-Scotland match and Murray was twice (at least) penalised because he did not put his hand on top of the loose-head’s back as Mr Clancy told him to do, but that is not required under law – gripping on the side is OK. Mr Clancy’s performance overall was not considered of the highest class in (biased) Scottish rugby refereeing circles.

  4. I’m grateful to Old Whistler for his comments and share his view as to difficulty of proving that the kick-to-touch was intentional. I wonder what he feels about the suggestion [made by the same Welshman!] that the referee, having indicated to the Irish captain that there would be time, after the penalty kick, for one more play, was, thereby, committed to allowing the kick-off.

  5. Just more of the same lads. I really like this blog.

    Can I have a t-shirt n’ aw. Any t-shirt will do mind, I’ve not got many, and I’m really tight.

    Also, whilst I’ve got your attention… What’s going on with Slamont in the top left hand part of your (quality) banner? And who is that behind Stroker? Barclay? Mcleod?

  6. I like the blog very much, as it is.

    Ref. comments etc. would be good as well as making the intros short with “read more” links. Means we can see most of the “headlines” & Nº of comments in one glance.

    Keep the good work up!

    Oh yes, – T-shirts for all (maybe get in touch with the Anyone But England folk up in Aberdeen for a 6 Nations equivalent, ha, ha!)

    PS.- Clancy. Don’t you have the feeling that he made rather a mess of the match? We all know his is a difficult job, but what I read, here there & everywhere seems to suggest he’s just not up to it…

  7. Really like the site as it is. But how about a concerted campain to get the BBC to remove that revolting Welsh hobgoblin from their commenty team. At a time when we are all remembering Bill and celebrating his impartiality and good grace at all times, the stark contrast with JD couldnt be more apparent.

  8. Neil, Mr Clancy should not have said to the Welsh (or even Irish) captain that he had time for another kick-off, he should only have said that there were 40 seconds (or whatever) left – how could he know how long Scotland would take to kick-off? Of course, if he felt Scotland were deliberately delaying the kick-off, he could always have penalised them! The fact that he allowed the kick-off does suggest that he had promised Wales that there would be a kick-off, further enhancing the view that he should be demoted to lower level matches.

  9. My thanks again to Old Whistler for his helpful observtions. I agree entirely with his view that the referee should not have indicated that there would be time for another kick-off, but it’s all academic now, sadly.

  10. Looks like an occasional rules clinic might be in order where we run over the month’s controversial decisions and lambast crap Irish referees!

    Gustard, it had occurred to me to do a post 6N school report on the BBC pundits but now I am wondering if there is some sort of survey/petition type thing we could do to find out if anyone likes ANY of the pundits on show…

    Edinburgh in Exile: think the funny red thing with Slamont is actually his brother’s shoulder rather than a graphical glitch…Toulon and Llanelli must use the same red! Behind Stroker are Rory Lawson and Moray Low. I might have to finally put Dan Parks in!

    Will have a think about T-shirts too folks, I promise!

  11. The blog is excellent and I hope it isn’t tinkered with too much. I would like to see some more articles investigating the state of the game at grass roots level. We apparently have half the number of players of Italy and I have read that even in traditional rugby areas the game is starting to struggle in the face of pressure from football and other sports. I would be very interested to hear your views on this and to learn more about what is being done to address this.

    Another topic that could be of interest in the near future is the continuing rise of London Scottish, who currently lie second in National League 1. If promoted to the Championship, the club could (and should) be used as a base for increasing the number of professional players from Scotland. I was at the home game against Esher (who are top) a while back and, apparently, Esher had seven players with Heineken Cup and/or Guinness Premiership experience. I would be interested to hear your views on the relationship between the SRU and the club and to see what effort, if any, is being made to develop this opportunity.

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