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News relating to the ongoing development of the Scottish Rugby Blog website including new rugby writers, new features and announcements.

New Look Site

Scottish Rugby Blog

Welcome to the new look site, we hope you like it. It has been designed to allow us to give you more of what you want, which is good writing about Scottish rugby, along with the latest news and competitions.

Happy New Year

Wishing all of our readers a Happy New Year from the team here at Scottish Rugby Blog. Here’s to a great year for Scottish Rugby, which kicks off very soon with the resumption of European action and our pro-teams poised nicely, and we’ve got the Six Nations following swiftly thereafter.

We hope you will come along for the rollercoaster ride that is being a Scotland fan!

Rory, Alan and Al

Winter Is Coming

And with that, we’ve decided to take a look at the future of the Scottish Rugby Blog, and how we can use it to help grow interest and awareness of Scottish Rugby, to keep you entertained and all the other things we attempt on a regular basis.

We’ve called in the banners (sorry, reading Game of Thrones at the moment), and the full team are meeting up next weekend to have a bit of a chat before the Edinburgh vs Leinster game.

So if you have any suggestions for ways we could improve this site, what you’d like more of/less of, your thoughts on advertising/sponsorship or even just how you view the site (mobile/RSS/browser/syndicated pages), please feel free to comment below. Or if you’d like to share your thoughts privately feel free to email with your comments or ideas.

Feedback is important to us and we are thankful for your continuing support and readership. We’ll probably post again afterwards with some of our ideas to see if anyone likes them.

As for your thoughts on how to improve Scottish rugby itself, we are always glad to see those in the comments on our posts, so keep them coming too. Don’t forget we’ve got a massive back archive of ramblings that might be of interest!

Wishing Scotland All The Best

Here at Scottish Rugby Blog HQ we wondered: what would we say if we had the chance to give the Scotland Team a private message before the Argentina game?

Would we give them a Jim Telfer style roasting, or would we caress their egos? Would we go around the room speaking to each individual or roar about the passion of a nation? It is a tough one and in the end we thought we would rather ask other people what they would say…

…and wouldn’t you believe it! Some proud Scots gave us their message and we put it on YouTube. Right here!

Enjoy the clips and if you have a message for the lads either post it here, post it on YouTube under the video or make your own video and post it on twitter with the hashtag #MessageForScotland.

Look out Argentina!

RWC Announcement

So the Scotland team are off Down Under and will be 11 hours ahead. You won’t be able to get your Twitter fix from the players and there won’t be press reports every second day.

Don’t worry! We have a way you can keep up with the Scotland squad and have your player fix…

We are pleased to announce that Richard Vernon, Scotland Rugby World Cup 2011 back rower, has joined Scottish Rugby Blog as a tour diarist.

He will be keeping us abrest of all goings on in the camp as well as letting you know about team preperations and group morale leading up to, and following, all the big RWC matches.

Our first post should be up on Thursday and regularly after that.

Keep following the Blog to see what the Scotland boys are up to!