Winter Is Coming

And with that, we’ve decided to take a look at the future of the Scottish Rugby Blog, and how we can use it to help grow interest and awareness of Scottish Rugby, to keep you entertained and all the other things we attempt on a regular basis.

We’ve called in the banners (sorry, reading Game of Thrones at the moment), and the full team are meeting up next weekend to have a bit of a chat before the Edinburgh vs Leinster game.

So if you have any suggestions for ways we could improve this site, what you’d like more of/less of, your thoughts on advertising/sponsorship or even just how you view the site (mobile/RSS/browser/syndicated pages), please feel free to comment below. Or if you’d like to share your thoughts privately feel free to email with your comments or ideas.

Feedback is important to us and we are thankful for your continuing support and readership. We’ll probably post again afterwards with some of our ideas to see if anyone likes them.

As for your thoughts on how to improve Scottish rugby itself, we are always glad to see those in the comments on our posts, so keep them coming too. Don’t forget we’ve got a massive back archive of ramblings that might be of interest!