Beyond Saints and Stingers

So in the end last week wasn’t so bad. Glasgow conquered the Dragons. Edinburgh where unlucky to lose (Thanks to the ‘Knee of God’). In Delhi Scotland just missed out on a semi-final place, and finished a respectable 6th. This is almost erring on the side of a positive week! Throw in some liberated miners, some fat-headed American tycoon-types getting chased out of Liverpool, and some posh people getting slagged off on the Apprentice. Yup…good week so far!

So how do we keep the good times going? There are some tough times ahead. Edinburgh’s game against Northampton could be more testing than a Nigerian track meet and Glasgow aim to take down a slippery Wasps side. If the best results happen and both teams win, the Scotsman’s pun-machine could be working overtime. Cue headlines like “Glasgow take the sting out of Wasps”, “Blessed Edinburgh overcome Saints”, “Hanks sees Terminal defeat against Glasgow” or even “Sassenach Saints Slump in Scottish Stronghold.” Maybe not…

However, until you flick past pictures of a shocked Moffat and a floundering Lineen on Monday, comfort yourself with the scores from last week’s Prem 1 results… and a shout out also goes to Liberton FP, Bute RFC and Bannockburn, who are all looking for their first win in their respective leagues…Come on, Lads!

Saturday, 09 October 2010
 15:00    Dundee HSFP52:14  Selkirk  
 15:00    Melrose49:11  Boroughmuir  
 15:00    Ayr38:17  West  
 15:00    Currie40:20  Watsonians  
 15:00    Heriot’s20:22  Glasgow Hawks  
 15:00    Stirling County27:25  Hawick  


As predicted Dundee romped to victory, Ayr eased past West and Stirling v. Hawick was as tight as the taxman. What wasn’t predicted was the hammering ‘Muir got at the Greenyards. This in turn could affect Boroughmuir who have to face free-scoring Dundee and then Heriot’s and Hawks, in coming weeks. Indeed their flying start is offset with tougher games now, and the loss of Hooker Sean Crombie cannot help with an already inexperienced front row.

This weekend also sees Watsonians staring down an Everest-sized prospect in Ayr. Things don’t get any easier for ‘Sonians who are consigned to a relegation battle for the rest of the season. Ayr points For:Against ratio is almost exactly the inverse of Watsonians’ so strap yourself in if you’re a fan in maroon.

Other fixtures see Heriot’s travel to a place they haven’t won in years, in Philliphaugh, and an interesting encounter between Hawick’s side-stepping three-quarter line and Hawks rushing defence. I’m not even going to consider risking a scoreline prediction this week. It would be much easier guessing how many times Warren Gatland has smiled in his life.

Saturday, 16 October 2010
 15:00    Stirling County:  Currie  
 15:00    Watsonians:  Ayr  
 15:00    West:  Melrose  
 15:00    Boroughmuir:  Dundee HSFP  
 15:00    Selkirk:  Heriot’s  
 15:00    Hawick:  Glasgow Hawks  


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Dundonian Alan has played rugby all over the world for various teams including Dundee High School, Heriot's and the Scottish Club International. Now writing from London he covers all issues international and unreported.

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  1. Nursedude on

    As a Yank who happens to be a Liverpool fan, I hope that the new American group that bought out the crappy American group can work some magic like they did with the Boston Red Sox in Baseball. They can’t be any worse, can they?

    Tough game for Edinburgh against Northampton. Cracking game, but tough result for the gunners.

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