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Beyond Saints and Stingers

So in the end last week wasn’t so bad. Glasgow conquered the Dragons. Edinburgh where unlucky to lose (Thanks to the ‘Knee of God’). In Delhi Scotland just missed out on a semi-final place, and finished a respectable 6th. This is almost erring on the side of a positive week! Throw in some liberated miners, some fat-headed American tycoon-types getting chased out of Liverpool, and some posh people getting slagged off on the Apprentice. Yup…good week so far!

So how do we keep the good times going?

Who Won’t Line Up Against Scotland

Phil Godman was last seen limping about during Edinburgh’s very impressive victory over the Ospreys on Sunday (anyone spot Clancy whistling up 20 seconds before time?!), but no word on troubles with any other Scotland players. So in the meantime here, lukewarmish off the presses and in the interests of fair reporting, an injury report on players in England’s EPS who may not feature against us next weekend:

(now updated with Scotland news)

Bill McLaren 1923-2010


As Al said to me earlier, it was a bit of a travesty the man was never knighted with or without the efforts of the accompanying Facebook campaign that brought him back into the public consciousness briefly last year. Sad too that he was never capped, TB having put paid to his promising playing career. But let us not dwell on negatives.

For so many of us raised on wintry February mornings watching the Five Nations on the telly, Bill McLaren will forever be remembered as the voice of rugby – always quick to conjure up a bizarre Scots or animal-related metaphor to describe a player. I never met the man, but I did briefly meet his wife once on the back pitches of Murrayfield after he had been commentating on an international late in his career, she said he had just had “a pretty good game”. I think it a fitting measure of his famed professional approach to his work to be described in the same terms as the players he watched, commentated on, coached and raised. Our thoughts are with all of Mr McLaren’s family and friends at this time.

A rugby professional long before the game was, off to the big rugby pitch in the sky – the game down here remains richer for his contribution.

Bill McLaren CBE, OBE and MBE
1923 – 2010

BBC Obituary

Campaign to get Bill McLaren a Knighthood


In case you’re wondering where to find the campaign started by Watsonians coach Bruce Aitchison, it’s in the form of a group on Facebook at:


Nothing much more to say about this one other than if you are on Facebook, join it because “Sir Bill McLaren” seems like a bloody good idea, and a fitting tribute to a man whose commentary has complemented so many people’s best rugby-watching memories.