Campaign to get Bill McLaren a Knighthood

In case you’re wondering where to find the campaign started by Watsonians coach Bruce Aitchison, it’s in the form of a group on Facebook at:

Nothing much more to say about this one other than if you are on Facebook, join it because “Sir Bill McLaren” seems like a bloody good idea, and a fitting tribute to a man whose commentary has complemented so many people’s best rugby-watching memories.


2 comments on “Campaign to get Bill McLaren a Knighthood

  1. Lee Brown on

    It would be fantastic to see the man we all know as the “voice of rugby” to be honoured with a knighthood. He was a fantastic commentator who enthusiasm for the game was inspiring and entertaining usually with random expressions about mad octopuses & giraffes or buffalo and who was always impartial, something which the bbc seem to have forgotten about in recent years in terms of punditry.

    A brilliant ambassador for the sport and true legend in broadcasting.

  2. Tim Standbrook on

    Whether Bill gets the nod or not, for me he will always be greater than a knight of the realm. He has been the voice of rugby from the amateur to the professional era, and is still today an inspiration to kids from around the world. Devotion of this kind over six decades needs to be recognised. Sir? Give me Lord McLaren of Hawick.


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