Bill McLaren 1923-2010

As Al said to me earlier, it was a bit of a travesty the man was never knighted with or without the efforts of the accompanying Facebook campaign that brought him back into the public consciousness briefly last year. Sad too that he was never capped, TB having put paid to his promising playing career. But let us not dwell on negatives.

For so many of us raised on wintry February mornings watching the Five Nations on the telly, Bill McLaren will forever be remembered as the voice of rugby – always quick to conjure up a bizarre Scots or animal-related metaphor to describe a player. I never met the man, but I did briefly meet his wife once on the back pitches of Murrayfield after he had been commentating on an international late in his career, she said he had just had “a pretty good game”. I think it a fitting measure of his famed professional approach to his work to be described in the same terms as the players he watched, commentated on, coached and raised. Our thoughts are with all of Mr McLaren’s family and friends at this time.

A rugby professional long before the game was, off to the big rugby pitch in the sky – the game down here remains richer for his contribution.

Bill McLaren CBE, OBE and MBE
1923 – 2010

BBC Obituary


5 comments on “Bill McLaren 1923-2010

  1. Mark Dainter on

    Bill McLaren-I would be interested to know how many people on this sight would be interested in donating money to raise funds to have a statue if Bill at Murrayfield

  2. Nick Cranston - Hong Kong on

    The idea of a statue of Bill at his beloved Murryyield is an excellent idea and one I think a great many people would support.

  3. Neil6147 on

    I also think it would be a great idea. Plus they could engrave all his best remarks on it for all the fans to read.

  4. Rory on

    I think it is very likely they will put something up in Hawick in his memory, given he always said a day out of Hawick is a day wasted!

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