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Going For A Song

Scotland huddle - pic © Al Ross
Scotland huddle - pic © Al Ross

If you are attending the Scotland vs France game on Sunday at BT Murrayfield along with Scotland fan Peter McGunnigal (@MurrayfieldSong on Twitter) and fancy a sing song, his grass roots campaign is under way to get the ol’ grey box s(w)inging on match days.

Just to clarify, the (um) spontaneity occurs on the 22nd and 72nd minute of the match, unless of course Greig is kicking at the time when you will of course be scrupulously silent… I’m sure our own Cam (who posted his original thoughts here) would endorse these efforts to try and grow into what could become a more spontaneous  and organic anthem for Scotland fans to sing during matches.

We’re not going full on Hymns and Arias just yet; Peter’s plan is to start simple with just the chorus:

Oh you’ll take the high road, and I’ll take the low road,
And I’ll be in Scotland afore ye,
But me and my true love will never meet again,
On the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

Bonus points for singing in the style of Donnie Munro, who to my ears always sounds like Andrew Cotter anyway. Hopefully it takes off and restores a little cheer to the team and the fans alike. If you have any thoughts get following  him on Twitter @MurrayfieldSong and answer the poll.

I’ll be watching at home but look forward to hearing it ringing out through the tv.

5 Responses

  1. Great idea! I’m all for a ‘spontaneous’ sing-song! Silence is not golden, except during an attempted conversion, so let’s spread the word. Fingers crossed it takes off!

  2. How did this go on Sunday?

    I didn’t hear Loch Lomond and thinking back I didn’t really hear Flower of Scotland during the game but the was a lot of cheering and some Scotland Scotland

    Having said that, drink had been taken and I was pretty caught up in the game on the tele

    1. The atmosphere was a different level to the standard fare. The majority of the crowd hung around for a good while after the final whistle too. Potentially highlights that it’s been the rugby and results, rather than the crowd, that have been sub-standard over the last while. I think that the years of poor outcomes had led to a fairly deep malaise in the general ambiance, bred from a morbid mix of frustration, disappointment, embarrassment and dread. I missed whether there was a Loch Lomond at 33 mins as I had to make an emergency break to the luxurious facilities of Murrayfield due to a potent chilli the evening before., However, there was a decent rendition at 72 mins (actually it was more like 75) that I got right into. Because it was a decent game, and we were winning, the folk were generally getting involved in anything that kicked off. It is true that there is nothing quite like winning to get the folk singing.

    2. To repeat what I said on another thread, ‘Too much was happening in the 22nd minute, and although there was some attempt to sing it wasn’t very effective. We had another go at 72 minutes, but again the timing wasn’t great – the obvious weakness of the plan. Interestingly enough, Flower of Scotland took off on several occasions and rang around the ground. So maybe there’s a lesson there, right song, right moment, and apparently spontaneous.’ Watched the recording since then, and should add that Loch Lomond could be heard late on, and 500 miles got a good response when it was initiated by the piped music. Flower of Scotland was still the winner!

  3. Didn’t quite work as one hoped, but good idea. Keep going with it Rory! Rome was not built in a day!?

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