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Stories from our own experiences watching or playing rugby.

Teasing Out A Career

What does a player need to develop?

For some it is competition, for others it is hard work they are not used to. Freedom comes into it but restriction and focus can be the answer for many more. Success is a something attainable but the recipe is different for every individual and establishment. The legendary Pele once said “Everything is practice”. Many people have said that what made the late Seve Ballesteros so great was his flair and tenacity: personal qualities he had freedom to express.

I’m afraid that neither of these make Graham Lowe’s life any easier.

Refresher: What’s Happening On the Club Scene?

Since Melrose won their own 7s Ayr have beaten them to the Scottish Cup 25-21. Highlights here.

However, Melrose are still chasing the Treble of the 7s, the Borders League and the Premier One title while Ayr are looking to come from behind in the title race and claim a Double. This means that Saturday’s match at the Greenyards is a huge one. Can Melrose hang on and avenge the Cup defeat? Kick-off is at 3pm.

In other news, keep your eyes on SRB for our own ‘End of Season Awards’ and a series of ‘interesting’ interviews as we build-up to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

A Day Trip to Murrayfield

Greetings, readers. Ahead of the big cross-border clash that is sure to have the tinpot nationalists out in force this weekend, regular correspondent for The Rugby Blog Christine Lester writes in with an Englishwoman’s view of her first trip to Murrayfield for the Ireland game. Christine is based in Glasgow, and we hope she may be able to give us some more coverage from that end of the country in future. Over to Christine!

What’s not on TV can’t hurt you!

It’s a biggie, this weekend. Up and down the country rugby fans will become hermits, forget to wash and most likely forget about (OMG, GAMU!) Saturday night reality TV as the Heineken Cup starts up again.

Thankfully the national papers have already written our sides off, so we, the fans don’t have to think about it. Cheers. Maybe next year, eh? Oh…. We’ve been written off for that one, too?! Ok. Also, our Commonwealth 7s campaign starts on Monday. Tape it? Alright. Let’s just focus on our club rugby, then…

And what a belter last week was!