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Podcast Episode 297: Glasgow Win The Best League

BKT United Rugby Championship Grand Final, Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria, South Africa 22/6/2024 Vodacom Bulls vs Glasgow Warriors The Glasgow Warriors lift the trophy and celebrate as URC Champions - credit ©INPHO/Ben Brady, used with permission

Craig is joined by Iain, Jonny and Rory to discuss Glasgow’s momentous win in the final of the 2024 URC.

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2 Responses

  1. Why oh why do we try and justify the disbandment of a Glasgow league winning team to “improve” the national team. The SRU need to STOP messing with Glasgow. Glasgow are unlike Scotland – we win competitions and have done before. 2 times champions. To then suggest we simply accept our team being sold off to other competitors as the price we pay for winning and “improving Scotland” is pathetic.

    It didn’t work in 2014/15 when we let our players like Russel etc move on. What did it result in Scotland to win ? Sweet Nothing.

    As a Glasgow fan the end goal is to see Glasgow win silverware – and they do. The Glasgow team and set up is to win for Glasgow and their fans … not some ultimate feeding club of the Scottish national teams hopes and dreams.

    If the SRU want Scotland to actually win silverware they need to do it with grass roots, a third pro team or even trying to get Edinburgh to perform. Stop unduly capitalising on Glasgows success by somehow suggesting destroying a winning team is going to result in our national squad performing better. Leinster don’t do it. So why should Glasgow.

    Glasgow are winners, you keep a winning team together. If we were able to have the Glasgow squad kept together and added to with new additions to strengthen then I anticipate this may actually be a better solution to solving the Scotland question. Leinster’s strength in both the league and Europe over a prolonged period has saw an Irish national team flourish. Players playing together week in week out ( Leinster is pretty much Ireland as we know) has seen Ireland become number one in the world and win 6 nations titles. Where are the Irish calls to rip apart the Leinster team and sell their players to England and France to improve the Irish team ?… ohh there isn’t, because that is NOT the answer.

    Glasgow and the SRU should do whatever it takes to keep the set of Glasgow players together and strengthen where Franco Smith seeks. They are after all champions and you don’t try and dismantle a winning team for the sake of some fantasy that this will result in Scotland becoming successful. It has not worked in the past, other teams like Ireland don’t follow this model and it is not the key to Scotland success.

    Well done Glasgow for achieving something the national team could only dream about. Winning 🏆

  2. Well said Adam. It really makes me livid the view that the SRU should think of breaking up the Glasgow team that Franco has built into a very good 23 who can go toe to toe with the best to bolster (financially and professionally) an utterly dud Edinburgh team. I knew this would start after becuase of the dreadful way the pro-game is set up. SRU take a bow. Bastards ! The Ali Price move against Franco’s wishes is a case in point and look how that worked out.

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