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Podcast: Episode 251 – Rambo: Last Blood

Cammy, Lisa, John and Craig to review Scotland’s loss to France in the TikTok Six Nations and bid farewell to two Scottish Rugby stalwarts.

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26 Responses

  1. his first try in the epic draw v England will always be a fond memory- it was a brilliant effort. Good luck to him

    1. 100% agree the most remarkable game I’ve ever seen.

      McInally outpacing Farrell and May astonishing

      1. Stuart McInally has given nothing but his best and if I am being honest and a degree angry in fact , he never quite got what he deserved in a Scotland Jersey. He was well better than his cap haul. I suspect he will move on into a new chapter in life and not look back , to consider writing a libelous biography, but if he did, I wonder what surprises we ordinary , fans will learn. I wish you would Stuart.

        Take a bow, you really were much better than you got credit for . I for one, honour you with dignity and my respect.

  2. Disappointed to see the Ryan Wilson bashing on the podcast, you may disagree with some of his past (wasn’t that kebab shop thing almost a decade ago?) and personality and i agree his time is probably over, but he is Glasgows second most capped player and 50 caps for our country, put his body on the line (which you can see from his destroyed fingers) and given far more towards Scottish Rugby than the majority of ‘fans’ in the game.

    From what i’ve heard he was always the first person to welcome players in and look after them.

    Show some gratitude John, your a terrible representative of a glasgow warrior fan, at least last night.

    1. TBF most of the “bashing” was around his “lads lads lads” media persona, which is more of a taste thing. Personally, I totally agree that this kind of “archbishop of banterbury” bulldink is a bad look and offputting for fairweather fans.

      I agree with some of your observations on Wilson the player, though. Not the biggest or fastest, but gave absolutely everything he had, and achieved a great deal (starting 7 when the warriors won the pro12, part of some of Scotland’s biggest wins).

    2. I whole heartedly agree with your comments Neil. Wilson doesn’t get anywhere near the credit he deserves. A club legend whose captaincy through their darkest period was immense.

    3. Yes well said Neil, John comes over as a very petty, ungracious individual with his comments towards ‘Sergeant’ Wilson, Scottish rugby needs more players who are prepared to ‘push the envelope’ in pursuit of victory not less

      1. Its typical of certain Podcast participants i have noticed, increasingly if you don’t fit into their norms for what the right way to be a person is, you get dismissed as trash. Learn to be accepting of all people John.

        Wilson is a good family man with a different personality to McInally, that does not make him a bad person or servant to Scottish Rugby.

        I’m not against criticism of people, but give a balanced perspective, it’s not difficult.

        On another note, well done Scotland Ladies on first back-to-back wins since 2006, i was at the game and it was a great atmosphere from both sides.

        And well done Glasgow on first European final, i am confident in a first Win for us against Toulon/Benetton winner. So physical as a team.

      2. I haven’t listened to the podcast so don’t know what was actually said about him and therefore can’t comment.
        Ryan Wilson has been a great servant to club and country. A grafter and scrapper on the field and a constant nuisance to oppo.
        His handbags with Owen Farrell just before England’s ‘shock’ Calcutta Cup loss in 2018, followed by his playing contribution in the match, are good memories.
        And despite giving away iirc a daft penalty against the Wallabies in Sydney in 2017, he was at the heart of a great Scotland showing that day.
        Good luck to him in his post-playing career.

  3. Superb result for Glasgow yesterday. Look at that, finals rugby and a knock out home game v Munster to come. What a turnaround from Franco Smith and what an inspired decision to appoint him. Not too many lingering complaints that Danny Wilson was axed or that Smith wasn’t a big enough name I imagine.

    1. I have to hold my hands up and admit I was wrong about the appointment of Franco Smith. I was underwhelmed at the time and of the opinion that he was the best of a mediocre bunch of available candidates but how wrong was I. Not only has he transformed Glasgow but he comes across as an absolute gentleman in his interviews. So humble, unassuming and yet professional and focussed. Hats off to Dodson or whoever it was who managed to secure his services. A possible future Scotland HC if he continues on this trajectory IMHO.

    2. We still have one Danny fan , around, he will be around soon to tell us all about it if we fail to win, but I recall you calling this european ‘tin’ cup as a mickey mouse competition. Personally I am delighted .

  4. Ah thanks for the invite Danny! However i’m feeling somewhat vindicated. I said this Glasgow squad should be targeting two semi finals this year as a bench mark. So for me the Munster game is huge. Win that and they will have exceeded my expectations. I also said they’re 4 big signings, Du Preez, Vailanu, Jones and Manjezi would make a world of difference and they have. Not as as some on here said unnecessary, average and mediocre. But hats off to Franco the development of Jordan, McDowall, Matthews and Bean has been excellent to see. Next year however will be tough. Scotland players needing extended brakes post world cup, a champions cup group, and then more internationals away during 6N. He could well end up with just two QF’s next year so what then? That’s grounds for sacking at Glasgow apparently. Lucky he’s got those DW signing to help him out, he gonna need them!

    1. I think out of those 4 that Manzeji still has something to prove, he has the physical capabilities but was giving away a bit too many penalties and handling errors for my liking.

      1. yeah that’s true although in the early part of the season, before his injury he was probably showing the most form.
        The main difference with Glasgow this year is the fitness of the whole squad. That’s where Franco deserves a lot of credit. I don’t think they’re playing much different otherwise. defense and attack coaches haven’t changed. They’re fitter, they use a 6-2 split, they have a better squad. That has allowed their pack to keep up their intensity for 80 minutes rather than dropping off after 60 like last season.

      2. That is a remarkably ungenerous summary of the impact Smith has made on Glasgow, who are a team transformed under his coaching and leadership. Glasgow have won something like 16 of their last 18 games in all competitions, it’s not just fitness and a handful of journeyman plus Huw Jones.

        Does any reasonable person think Wilson would have taken Glasgow to this position this season? Not likely. He’s also done it without Ross Thompson and with a super 6 inside centre as his replacement. It’s an incredible turnaround in fortunes.

      3. Now Sam , you are being a naughtier boy than usual, my recollection is you never wanted to let Danny go despite how terrible he was . FF: Sam was furious that Danny got sacked, in his anger he set a few targets , impossible ones given how low Danny took them, just to prove a point. Franco Smith has been amazing, consistent and the new hires simply blend into the team and do not stand on any more than the guy next to him. An outstanding performance and to be quite honest it will not be Franco getting the boot , it will be the SRU trying to keep him. The only point I vaguely agree with Sam is that it is a hard year and when Gregor Townsend does, what only he can do , which is burn the side out and coach any natural flair our of them returning them sans energy, confidence and self belief. We may have some burned out players, however not due to Franco Smith PS Star signings just fitted in with some great existing players including the reliable boot of George Horne.

      4. actually I said before the Leinster game in which DW got sacked that i expected him to achieve two semi finals this year. with his improved squad. it was written in the comments section of the podcast immediately preceding the Leinster game on youtube. go and find it if you like. and that’s why it therefore became my bench mark for Franco.
        it’s about being measured and considering the full picture. DW was never that bad. FS is not as good as he’s being made out to be in the media now. and next year when Glasgow will have a tougher year the same will still be true. FS will not be so bad as will be made out.
        Right now I do think FS is an upgrade on DW and I do think Glasgow are better off than they were due to his appointment. I hope the SRU are able to make a similarly savy choice for Edinburgh

      5. I don’t think Danny Wilson is a bad coach but sport is a results business and the fact is that Wilson failed badly at Glasgow. There was nothing to indicate Glasgow could have achieved two SFs this season if he’d continued, or that he could turn them around from the worst position they’d been in since 2010-11 season (except potentially 2020-21 when Wilson was also in charge). His team were low on morale, didn’t appear to buy into his game plan and were generally a bit of a shambles.

        We’ll see how Smith navigates a difficult RWC season but he is leagues ahead of where Wilson had the team.

  5. Team for Munster

    Smith – Cancelliere – Jones – Tuipolotu – Steyn – Jordan – Horne – Dempsey – Darge – Fagerson – Du Preez – Cummings – Fagerson – Matthews – McBeth

    Miotti – Price – Vailanu – Gray – Bean – Berghan – Turner – Bhatti

  6. Oof Jonny Gray very doubtful for RWC after dislocating kneecap. Wonder whether Cameron Henderson might seize his chance to break into the second row reckoning. What kind of lock is he? Bruiser or athlete?

  7. So at the moment 2nd row pecking order looks something like- R.Gray/Gilchrist/Cummings/Skinner assuming four locks in the final RWC squad.
    After that Henderson/CHH then any of Hodgson,Sykes and Young.
    Anyone else realistically in the frrame?

    1. Alex Craig has been a fringe player in lots of Scotland squads but regularly injured.

    2. Possibly Kiran Mcdonald, he was playing pretty well for Wasps then Munster before getting Injured.

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