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Podcast: Episode 233 – Not Bad for 4th Choice

In this weeks episode, John is joined by Craig, Iain and Jonny to review the Argentina game

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8 Responses

  1. I’d really like to see the return of Scotland ‘A’. Was good to see some other nations doing so this Autumn. We have limited resources but enough to pull together an ‘A’ team during our international window. Could have had 3 matches this autumn verses any tier 1 ‘A’s or second trier 1st’s.

    Valuable international game time for up and coming or fringe players. Giving us greater strength in depth in the future and create a foot in the door for some. Maybe Neil could pick a team!?

    1. Yes I thought this during Autumn series.Ireland A,Munster and Bristol played SA “A” XV.Ireland took a development squad for three matches in SA ,albeit during URC schedule.
      So we were missing a chance when three blank weekends in the URC.Certainly a chance for at least one game and something we should be looking at though probably be two years on with next Autumn being the world cup.

    2. Indeed, a strong A 23 would be:

      Smith, McLean, Steyn, Hutchinson, Hoyland, Thompson, Horne, Auterac, McBurney, Kebble, Young, Hodgson, Haining, Crosbie, Bradbury

      Subs: McBeth, McInally, Sebastian, Christie, Muncaster, Chapman, Savala, Bennett

    3. Thanks Rosco

      A team of wider squad/exiled by Toony to have a look at towards the WC (as opposed to future talent). Prepare in case on injuries etc.

      Jones – McLean – Steyn (vc) – Hutchinson – Maitland – Hastings – Horne – Bradbury – Richardson – Crosbie – McDonald – Hunter Hill – Williams – McInally (vc) – Kebble

      Scott – Smith – Vellacott – Christie – Sykes – Berghan – Hislop – Matthews

      Additional thoughts.

      Sell it as part of a package deal with the main event. or buy singularly. (Same day as the home six nations games or night before). Could host at DAMN health or Scotstoun (maybe elsewere to attract new fans).

      A better name than Scottish XV to build branding, look at the Maori All Blacks for example.

      Might be a shot to nothing, but any reason we cant have 2 full cap international games on the same day if 1 team is playing tier 1 and the other tier 2? Gives the games more meaning for Scotland and would provide tier 2 nations (anyone below Italy) a chance to climb the rankings and exposure to more competitive games.

      1. Really good thought – playing an ‘A’ game as a double header at Murrayfield with the main event to follow would be a major draw for me.

      2. Forgot about Kyle Rowe, i reckon he has the potential to be up their with the likes of Graham, would swap him for McLean.

      3. Neil, well done for taking my thought to another level. The double header would be terrific though imagine how exhausted some fans would be whether it be spent through emotion or excessive drinking.

        Hopefully Dodson is looking at this. A concept that could increase his xmas bonus.

        RIP Doddie. You lived one hell of a life and leaving a huge legacy by being larger than life and through your incredible MND Foundation.

  2. I like the idea of holding on the same day, makes sense in terms of saving costs for things such as security etc. if held in Edinburgh. Only downside is that you might get too big a crowd for DAM stadium to cope. Of course, it could be held elsewhere, though I doubt that attendance would be nearly as impressive as holding it in Edinburgh the same day as a tier 1 match (and SRU would probably only be persuaded if it was a cash generator). Could Murrayfield cope with 2 matches on the same day? Living in Sassenach-land, I may be wrong but imagine that even for many living in Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and other places, getting to Murrayfield is easier than Scotstoun or the other possible alternatives.

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