Podcast: Episode 185 – Tools In A Box

On this week’s podcast we chat about Jordan Venter’s departure from Scottish rugby, Edinburgh’s continued growth under Mike Blair and why Ryan Wilson is key to Glasgow’s success.

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Born a Souter but brought up just south of the Border in Berwick where he played for Berwick RFC as a kid any any position where cover was needed.
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18 comments on “Podcast: Episode 185 – Tools In A Box

  1. Rob on

    Harlequins v Cardiff – Hugh Jones not a good game. He doesn’t look happy and didn’t look to be part of the Quins players etc. with no chat or much group involvement during game.

      • Rob on

        Yes, I thought his body language was not good and same when he was sitting in the stands after being sub’d. Not saying I am correct, just my view

      • Nomad86 on

        I have to agree with Rob here, I saw him miss at least two tackles, seemed hesitant in defence and was pretty easily stepped for the third Cardiff try. Other than that can’t say I noticed him much other than a few scrambled efforts to retrieve ball in attack only to be second man each time behind a teammate. Didn’t watch the second half as closely but think he was subbed pretty early.

  2. Ardent on

    Certainly just didn’t work for him in attack-and his defence was poor.
    Pity as he looked good for quins last Sunday.

  3. TENC on

    Excellent performance from Glasgow . So good to see them managing the game so well. Glasgow Full back was excellent. Best 15 on the pitch. Excellent to a man.

    • Nomad86 on

      I enjoyed that performance so much it made me go and rewatch the Glasgow Munster ‘15 final….. and if anyone wants a good laugh, watch it on YouTube with the subtitles on!!

    • Warmer on

      Other than a kick and going in the wrong direction for a few tackles I never saw much of Stuart Hogg either. He was tackled round the ankles and went down like a stone in the 10th minute. A less than average day some of our exiled players. I hope they can both (Jones and Hogg) get another game before the 6 nations. Another good game for Jonny.

  4. Sam Laycock on

    Glasgows back row was massively powerful and disciplined. What a performance! 1872 is shaping up well.
    Ritchie, Bradbury, Watson
    Fagerson, Dempsey, Darge.

  5. Saint4805 on

    Based on the new rules when would Dempsey be eligible for Scotland? Don’t think he’s played for Aus for a while and based on current form looks like a great option at 8.

    • Warmer on

      Lets see how he copes with Matta in the next few weeks. With Fagerson and Bradbury coming into form we have options, however on the face of it, he is capable, has international experience and the best offloading game of the 3. I am more interested in the full back, he looks the Real MacKay IMO. With a rock at the back, Glasgow can build knowing that everyone can concentrate on his own game.

  6. Ardent on

    Dempsey won’t need to cope with Mata in the next few weeks as he “Mata” is out for “months” following a recent knee injury (so he’ll likely face Bradbury and/or Haining in the 1872 fixtures.
    Again Dempsey will apparently be eligible for us from October next year (three years on from his last Aus cap).
    Incidentally is the (excellent) Josh Mackay eligible for Scotland?

    • Saint4805 on

      Just found an old Scotsman article that confirms although Josh Mackay has distant Scottish heritage he will need 5 years residency to qualify which means he’ll be almost 30. Not too old but it’ll be a long slog to get a cap.

    • Warmer on

      The ‘excellent’ McKay (glad you agree with me) does not need to qualify for Scotland. All he needs to do is demonstrate to Glasgow fans, the benefit of having a full back who owns his expanse of the pitch without compromise.

  7. Saint4805 on

    Not sure if there’s any truth in it but saw a rumour on another forum that Scott Cummings could be off to Exeter to replace Jonny Hill and pair up with J Gray again.

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