Podcast: Episode 169 – Hard Prop Life

On this week’s podcast Cammy, Iain and Craig review the action from this week’s FOSROC Super 6. We chat about which teams are streets ahead in terms of tactics and conditioning, why Super 6 officials are greater than their professional counter parts and which players have stood out so far.

Elsewhere we chat about Matt Taylor’s impact on Australia’s defence, the futility of picking future Lions squads and coaches and celebrate the return of club rugby.

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Born a Souter but brought up just south of the Border in Berwick where he played for Berwick RFC as a kid any any position where cover was needed.
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11 comments on “Podcast: Episode 169 – Hard Prop Life

    • Bishopburn Boy on

      It’s just a ploy to get attendance up by broadcasting it “behind the bikesheds” where it won’t be seen.
      Probably got 50p more than the beeb offer , but now the CEO can trumpet about the new enhanced media deal he struck for his next outrageous bonus ….

      • Nomad86 on

        Simple way around it.. create a new email address and sign up for a free month… if done in the few days leading up to the Tonga match then you get all 4 games for free…. Then simply cancel it after the last match.

  1. Bulldog on

    It has always bothered me that fans do not appreciate the front rows. That is also reflected in the wages. According to a survey of the Premiership , the top and pro 14 by Talkingrugbyunion.com, Tightheads are in the top 5 paid positions but looseheads and hookers are in the bottom 5. I see no point in complaining about the quality of props coming through when there is such a disparity in wages. If you want to make a living in rugby, slim down, speed up, grow tall. The days of short props who could win ball against the head are gone, we even have the ball being fed in squint and to the second row.

    What I hope most fans now appreciate , there is little that can be achieved without them. But do they, no , they dont! I am old enough to appreciaete what it used to mean to be a front row, what it is today and where I think it is going. It will not be much of a game if we expect the backs to prop the scrum.

    How will we deal with it,?just continue to neuter the contest and outlaw anything other that the uncontested mess of rugby league.Do I mind, yes and no, I think there is no choice, if union is to survive, but where it is going ? It will eventually be RL. I know what a great game it was , the joy of rugby being a game for all shapes and sizes, I feel a bit sorry for todays props, they do not really know the joy of being able to influence the outcome of the game by competing for the ball in the scrum. I am not complaining , I have memories to last a lifetime.

    • Lien on

      I think they should just remove props from the game honestly. 1 Hooker joined on either side by the second rows with backrow behind is plenty.

      Not enough space on the field anymore. Scrums are the worst part of the game these days constantly due to props trying to get the upper hand as opposed to the scrum being a way to restart the game.

      There also is the question of should we be promoting a props body shape. I don’t think encouraging young kids to eat all the chocolate and pies so they can grow up to being like there scotland idles in the props is a good idea.

      Heaviest positions in the field, at most risk of causing Head injuries statistically.

      Get rid of props!

    • Merlot on

      Not sure why you think fans don’t appreciate the front row, Bulldog. I’m pretty sure at least 20% of fans do – those that played in one of the three positions!
      There are several things I would change. Firstly, and most importantly, get the put-in straight at the scrum. If the hooker doesn’t have to hook, and there is no contest, then all the front rows are doing is trying to out-push their oppo or win a dubious penalty. The law is clear, it’s just World Rugby have told referees not to worry about the squint feed.
      Secondly – pay is not really an issue. The vast majority of frontrows only have to play 50-60 minutes of a game, as they are substituted, so should only get 75% of the pay that a non-subbed player might achieve. Limit the number of subs allowed, and only for injuries. Suddenly the best/fittest props and hookers will be paid more, and clubs will have no need to have 4 or 5 in each position.
      Lastly, the scrum should not be talked of as just “a way to restart the game”. So are lineouts, kick-offs and 22 dropouts – are we going to get rid of those too? Each “restart” is a mini competition in itself, but it must BE a competition, not just a way to tie up half the players in a small area of the pitch.

  2. Grumpy on

    What a difference a week makes. We have props scoring try’s in the super 6 and the odd bit of afters as well.

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