Podcast: Episode 140 – Repatriated Redpath

With Cammy away, John and Iain take a look at Gregor Townsend’s Six Nations squad and review the recent 1872 Cup tie.

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6 comments on “Podcast: Episode 140 – Repatriated Redpath

  1. Neil on

    Excellent podcast – possibly one of my favourite 👍

    Any chance of a third person to compliment yous two next week – Sandy or Rory perhaps (he usually makes an appearance around squad announcements)

  2. Alanyst on

    The rules around international qualification are, in my view, too biased to the unions’ interests, especially the bigger unions. The “cap and scrap” approach, sometimes done to deny others is very negative. I think a union has a responsibility, once a player has committed to the nation, to show an ongoing commitment to considering properly that player for selection and doing so when justified.

    Also I think a player after some reasonably prolonged period of non-selection should have the right to (permanently) disassociate themselves and revert to an affiliation they had PRIOR to taking their first cap…for example the many Pacific Islanders who get “captured” by other nations, get a handful of caps, then are never seen again.

    I bet you could make a decent Fiji shadow XV of players who are now ex-NZ/Aus/Eng/Fra caps … I wonder how many felt genuinely attached to their adopted nation versus those who mainly thought it a prudent career move.

    For Redpath, I can’t read his mind, but playing in England, he probably had to maintain his EQ status until he got established to avoid possibly limiting his career. He’s kind of said that indirectly with references to being stable in the XV selection. As first pick, the EQ compensation is less important and he has more capacity to choose his fate.

    In this respect he seems to have played his cards pretty well…

    • WD on

      I agree this should happen but turkeys don’t vote for Christmas and the sru along with the other ‘tier 1’ countries will never allow it and have the voting structure in place to block it.
      The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that the concussion lawsuit is a way to bankrupt world rugby and force a new governance structure.

  3. SAS on

    I’d love to box Townsend and see if he is as good as he thinks he is .
    Peter Wright doesn’t rate him as a coach.
    And well said Peter Wright!

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