Podcast: Episode 139 – Rebound Ex

On this week’s podcast Cammy, John and Iain discuss the latest postponements as a result of cornovirus and get stuck in to the latest comings and goings at Glasgow and Edinburgh. Are young players being given a chance? Should we start playing summer rugby? Are rugby based sea shanties a good thing?

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Born a Souter but brought up just south of the Border in Berwick where he played for Berwick RFC as a kid any any position where cover was needed.
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12 comments on “Podcast: Episode 139 – Rebound Ex

  1. Neil on

    My Scotland team for England.

    Hogg – Graham – Jones – Taylor – Van Der Merwe – Russell – Price – Fagerson – Watson – Ritchie – Cummings – Gray – Fagerson – Mcinally – Sutherland

    Maitland – Harris – Hidalgo Clyne – Graham – Skinner – Nel – Turner – Kebble

    (Strike me down and two more shall appear)

    • SlowWalk90 on

      I really hope this is the team for the England game. It’s exactly the 23 I would choose as well. The only change I might make is to swap Graham with Fagerson Jr.

      • Scottie on

        Nick Easter is giving Gary Graham rave reviews but I’ve not seen him in a Falcons team for quite a few weeks. Also, Saracens members of the England squad are good to go for the 6 Nations without a competitive game. Sounds like we’re not even being rated as a challenge.

        PS any thoughts to the Grays as a second row possibility? Thought Richie was touted as an enforcer over lightweight Cummings but his mobility and dynamism isn’t quick enough nowadays.

      • TENC on

        Scottie : I know you are just looking for a bit of fun, so here goes. I look forward to seeing Richie Gray just lingering around the pitch, picking off Toolis and Gilchrist in the lineout. If Gilchrist tries any fly moves in the rucks , Gray will melt him. Richie Gray might be past his sell by date in your opinion and I would not entirely disagree with you. But my point is , he has forgotten more than that pair have ever learned. He will have to be a lot more jaded before he is at their level. Toony should, but he wont pick him. Richie Gray is a bit too spirited to toe the line entirely IMO. I suspect Toony is aware you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. The question is , would an old dog be better than a kennel full of energetic pups. Do you know the auld bull, young bull joke ? I say his experience in France is invaluable.

  2. Sam Laycock on

    I’m quite excited to see Tom Lambert if he gets on for Glasgow at the weekend, he looks a big unit for an U20’s player and unless I’m mistaken can also play No8. Was good in the U20 win in Wales.

  3. Scottie on

    TENC, you have me all wrong. I’d love nothing more than RG giving it it laldie all over the pitch, I really would. He just appears to be lackadaisical and in no rush. I don’t mean to be unjust but we don’t get many of his calibre, it seems he’s another that we’ve stifled.

    • TENC on

      Scottie: Maybe it is time to tell you the auld Bull joke. The punch line will do. The auld bull says to the young bull ‘I have a better idea, we are not going to charge into that field and hump a few heifers, we are going to walk into that field and mount every single one of them’ . You are dead right he has calibre , he knows his job, he knows his strengths and he plays to them , where is the hurry.

      • Scrummo on

        The issue with Gray is that he’s perennially crocked surely?

        Let’s just see if he’s still even fit before deciding whether he’s getting in ahead of his brother or Cummings.

      • TENC on

        But if he was, would you ? I would , all day long. He is a
        battle hardened and could keep them together whatever comes at us IMO. His resilience and longevity is a clear issue . But would he fit with the setup ! That will be one of the big conflicts for any coach, IMO. That is not an easy decision for Toony and I dont mind whatever one he makes will be right and I rarely say that. I would not mind him remaining at Glasgow during the 6N however that looks like bad timing and the risk is, he gets dragged down . But with the likes of Nakarawa, Harley and Wilson around him, there is every possibility he may actually raise the standard.Win win, either way it is great to have him back in Scotland at any level.

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