Podcast: Episode 121 – More Snacks Less Facts

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5 comments on “Podcast: Episode 121 – More Snacks Less Facts

  1. Angerine on

    The best podcast you guys have ever put together. Such a step up. Can’t put my finger on why, but it just felt so much more professional than usual.

  2. Warks Scot on

    Might not be the appropriate place to post but don’t care …… Cockers is staying until 2023, yee hah!!! He has definitely brought something different to Scottish rugby and delighted he’s sticking around. Maybe creates budget issues at Embra – perhaps why Scott has to go – but so far, worth every penny.

      • Warks Scot on

        I really do care 99.9% of the time – this felt like such good news that normal protocol momentarily escaped me! If Toonie is being encouraged to get involved in the Lions tour coaching set up, wonder if Cockers might get a chance to support at a national level? It would hopefully keep him interested in the Scottish game and I could actually see him and Toonie forming a complimentary management partnership at International level. Getting carried away again…….

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