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Podcast: Lockdown Bookclub – Behind The Thistle (The Andy Robinson Years)

Andy Robinson and Kelly Brown in sombre mood after defeat to Tonga
Andy Robinson and Kelly Brown in sombre mood after defeat to Tonga - © Scottish Rugby Blog

On this week’s podcast we continue our look at the book, Behind The Thistle and this week we’re focusing on the Andy Robinson years. We look at what sort of legacy Robinson left, whether he went too early and what the players really thought of him.

Elsewhere Cammy has made an appearance on Squidge Rugby’s World Cup Retrospective Podcast. The podcast looks back at the 2011 Wold Cup with an episode dedicated to every game. Cammy joined Robbie and Will from Squidge to look back at Scotland v Georgia at the 2011 World Cup, one of the worst games of Robinson’s tenure. We’ll post the link to the episode when it’s released.

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6 Responses

  1. Richie Gray made his debut in the six nations 2010, not the autumn series. Sorry to be a pedant…

      1. I was thinking that too. I was also at that 2010 Calcutta cup draw and I remember the ball bouncing off the posts off a Scotland penalty into the arms of Gray. It looked like he’d run it in but he was dragged down. I think it was the only moment in the game that had the crowd on their feet

  2. Biggest mystery to me of the Robinson years was the disappearance of Ally Hogg, from hero at Edinburgh under Robinson, to absolute zero. Everyone saw Hogg as a shoe in for Scotland captaincy…but he just seemed to drop completely off Robinsons radar

    1. Alex Grove was another who disappeared rapidly too. Had a decent run in the autumn series when we beat Aus at Murrayfield but then never played again. Was a regular starter at Worcester and a spell at Edinburgh but just never given another chance at a time when we weren’t over blessed with midfield options. Or was it the attack coach’s prototype tombola ….

      1. Grove was a good defender, but he didnt offer much going forward. He came up to Edinburgh for a season and didnt stand out, and once Ansbro, and then Scott and Dunbar broke into the team, there wasnt a place for him.

        His loyalty to Worcester while commendable, probably didnt help him either.

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