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PRO14 Season Suspended Indefinitely; June Final Cancelled

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It was announced yesterday that the suspension of the 2019/20 season of the Guinness PRO14 is now on an “indefinite basis” due to the ongoing global COVID-19 outbreak.

The governing board of the league, Celtic Rugby DAC, held discussions this week (remotely) and have come up with a list of the criteria that would enable the Championship to recommence. These are the key ones as announced that will need to be met:

  • Public Health Authorities cease to prohibit the resumption of sport and group training
  • Travel restrictions between PRO14 territories are lifted
  • No forced isolation or quarantine orders are in force when visiting our territories
  • Player welfare is safeguarded, including requirement for a suitable pre-recommencement training period, to be established in conjunction with the high-performance personnel at participating unions and teams

The board took the further decision to cancel the Guinness PRO14 Final at Cardiff City Stadium, set to take place on June 20. Refunds will be made automatically to all who have already purchased tickets.

Watch past Scotland rugby games online

In slightly happier news, the SRU is live streaming a selection of past Scotland games for collective watching (in isolation!), starting tonight at 7pm.

You can watch (spoiler alert) Scotland’s 53-24 win over Australia at BT Murrayfield back in 2017 on their Facebook and YouTube channels. We’ve added the link to tonights stream below as well.

The SRU plan to bring you at least one match every week to watch as a “rugby community”.

Following the Australia re-run you’ll get the chance to choose which one they show next, from a selection of classic encounters.

13 Responses

  1. Thank you Rory. It’ll be interesting to see what games we will be shown over the forth coming weeks? Scotland v France 1996 in the year we almost won the 5 nations was a good one and not available on line or the Scotland v England 2006 game? What would be everyone else’s choices? Hope your all well out there. Tam

  2. Premier Sports cancellation is finally working on their site and you can cancel and get an email confirmation.

    BT Sport on the other hand – what a shambles. Anybody know a way of cancelling BT Sport without waiting on the phone for an hour?

    1. I could not find it to cancel, not a top priority , but it will be when I am locked in at home.

    2. My understanding is that Premier cancellation is straightforward, as Stu2 says, but if you’ve paid for a year up front as the “cheaper” ( ha ! ) option, I don’t think there’s any refund. Be delighted if anyone could confirm otherwise.

      Think it’s the same with BT. Never EVER thought I’d post that Sky are leading the way in helping customers !

  3. Jings , what ever happened to Byron McGuigan , a victim of Cardiff 18 and sunk without a trace , poor sod !

  4. Had friends coming around for Super Saturday, so rather than bin it we watched the U20s match followed by a choice selection of recentish games courtesy of Youtube, including Wales 2017 and England 2018. On the u20s, great display, particularly the backrow, Henderson in the 2nd row and of course Chamberlain at 10. Ewan Ashman had a great game too and should run workshops on lineout throwing for the test boys :) Slight caveat that Wales were not very good at all.

    On looking back wistfully to the 2017/18 era. We have been to almost every Scotland home game for the last 10 years. Following years of pain and dirge, there was a ‘golden glow’ through that not-that-short period, where the team just seemed to be touched with a bit of magic. And there were actually a lot of wins (at home). It has to be said that when you look back, Finn was at the heart of everything good that happened. It’s not an original thought, but we need him back in the team (no slight to Hastings who has been very good and actually gives us one level of depth). Not an original thought, but we need to find that way to blend the new hard-nosed defence with the scintillating moments that split the opposition open. Obviously not easy, but the All Blacks do it when at their best. In Finn and Hoggy we have two very creative and now senior players, who should know when to call it and when to just keep the pressure high. That way lies the path to greatness!

  5. If this season is played to a conclusion do we think that Rennie will be there to see it out? I can’t really see any rugby resuming before may/june at the earliest and i imagine any player extensions would be relatively easy to extend, just not sure he would fancy hanging about any longer.

    Did meet the man once, at 5am in Edinburgh airport, seemed like a pretty decent guy but was not really the time or place to be talking rugby with him. I hope he sees it out if play on

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