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Podcast: Episode 102 – I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Jelly


This week Cammy, Al and Iain take a look back at Scotland’s victory over France and wonder whether we’re starting to get a sense of Gregor Townsend’s Scotland 2.0.

We also discuss Joe Marler’s citing, Iain being accused of being a Watsonians fan and whether anyone called Tam has ever played for Stewart’s Melvile.

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11 Responses

  1. One thing is for sure, he isnt going to be sacked post 6 Nations. If we pick up a win against Wales the only blotch on him this championship will be Finn-Gate. If he staves off hidings against the big boys in the summer he will have turned it around in the eyes of many. Post RWC I posted many times about his future being decided by his ability to learn from the mistakes of the RWC. Obviously no one foresaw the Finn issue but he does seem to have done so (or those in charge have done it for him) with the appointment of a seemingly much improved back room staff. I still think he needs to let go of the backs to a dedicated coach but narrow losses to England and Ireland, nilling Italy, comfortably beating France point to a 6 or 7/10 on the pitch so far (relative to Scotland) for me. If we win in Cardiff then that is huge for us. That place has been horrible for Scotland, not just results but also events within games, injuries, red cards, throwing away leads. Im not sure Im drinking Toony’s Kool Aid just yet but I am certainly less on board with the Toony out mantra than I was (& I really was). I know it’s a bit of a nonsense to say but we are a couple of Hogg errors away from going into Cardiff 4 from 4.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think anyone thinks Townshend is in the clear but the improvements are obvious – it is a shame it took the RWC debacle for him to address our defensive shambles and tactical nativity.

      I’m really excited at the opportunity to consign our rotten Cardiff record to the history bins. On the other hand the only other time I was this optimistic going to Cardiff was 2018.

      Wales remain a v good side jam-packed with experience and test proven quality. They do look a little confused though and nowhere near their best. A win will be a massive result but I’m not going to write off our improvements if we don’t quite manage it – we do need a creditable performance though.

      1. I think winning there comes down to our mindset and nothing else. I think performance wise we are in better form, certainly more consistent in terms of performance. It’s just that Tier 1 away game monkey on our back. I think the new gritty Scotland will win. Performance means nothing for us though, its all about the W. I’d bite your hand off if you offered me 0-3! There are enough players in who dont have the experience of being regular Cardiff whipping boys. Price is the one who worries me as he seems to relapse to that horror show when he plays there. Hastings, Johnson, Harris, Kinghorn, Horne, Haining, Skinner, Sutherland none of those should suffer the fear factor.

  2. I know this is too late for HITR, but why are so many people, even Scots, saying that Ritchie was lucky not to see a YC? As Kevin Millar has asked in multiple places, when was the last time you saw someone get a YC for that? Not to mention that, in addition to Johnson and Ritchie joining from afar, Fickou runs in to hit Ritchie from his wing, which is further away than either of the Scotsmen were. It’s just weird. I don’t see the logic. And it’s not like Ritchie or Johnson were unjustified in joining in, as three Frenchies had joined Haouas in harassing Haining. Where were their yellow cards, or is it that there’s a set distance from which you cannot join the fray?!

    1. I think it’s because its the sort of action which certain ref’s would react harshly to but given that there was a big call to be made and the ref was clearly scared to make it, Barnes made it he just anted to get on with it. The standard of international reffing atm is awful.

      1. I think it’s too difficult at the moment. In my briefly considered opinion, there should by the main ref who takes charge, the touchies looking for offside, a set piece ref for scrums and lineouts who only comes on when necessary, and the TMO looking for foul or dangerous play.

  3. If Scotland beat Wales by 16pts or more we move up to 5th in the World Rankings and equal our highest ever ranking.

    I’d take a 1pt win mind ;)

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