Podcast: Episode 94 – Dodson’s Bunker

Cammy is joined by Rory and John to take a look at Mark Dodson’s pay packet as revealed in the latest SRU accounts and look at Gregor Townsend’s 6 Nations Squad.

We also chat about the weekend’s European fixtures for Edinburgh and Glasgow and get our “Hands In The Ruck” over coaching aspirations, bad marketing and the hope finally killing us.

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You can also visit our Redbubble store for exclusive Scottish Rugby inspired designs including our range of “Better Call Sole” merchandise…


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Born a Souter but brought up just south of the Border in Berwick where he played for Berwick RFC as a kid any any position where cover was needed.
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9 comments on “Podcast: Episode 94 – Dodson’s Bunker

  1. andrew murphy on

    Good that R Gray is coming back to Glasgow but don’t expect him to give them a hard edge because he is basically a big softy……………..talented, athletic, 6ft10 but SOFT!

  2. MisterC on

    Given the news rugbypass are reporting about Saracens facing automatic relegation from the English premiership, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a return for Maitland with maybe Taylor heading north of the border.

    • Neil on

      I think Maitland would be a fantastic but difficult signing for Wilson to acquire, i would not be interested in another centre however regardless of how good they are.

      Wilson has already put himself in my good books at least with the signing of Richie Gray, a show of intent.

      • FF on

        I dunno, Taylor can co er centre, wing and fullback so provides some flexibility in areas we are weak.

        Chat is also that Nick Grigg is on his way out, so Stafford MacDowell will be the only back up to Jones at 13. He needs and deserves to play more, but Taylor might have a role as a high quality utility back

      • TeamCam on

        McDowell is predominantly a 12, though. I’d expect Steyn to be the backup. I think Maitland will move to France if Sarries are relegated, but I don’t think they will be.

      • FF on

        Sounds like Sarries are in a quandary – they have left it too late in the season to get below the cap as if they terminate contracts then compensation pay outs are also included. The cap is measured through the season and we are seven months through it.

        I really do think they are in danger – apparently PRL’s hand was forced by club chairmen’s who have not seen much contrition from sarries and want them punished properly. Either way, they are going to see their squad dismembered.

        Who knows about Maitland – it is just fan speculation. But Glasgow have money available and they need to strengthen back 3.

  3. Lochinverboy on

    Great podcast as ever. The SRU remuneration is bizzare. Dobson’ s money alone eclipses the total sum given to the super 6 combined. Lunacy doesn’t describe it. The rise in international gates etc is due to the quality of the players coming through. Due to the youth coaching revamp spearheaded by Tait and Lineen. That’s our future and we should concentrate on expanding our grassroots, in addition to acquiring or building two quality stadia of at least 10,000. Why these factors which will grow our game aren’t key priorities is just part of the lack of vision of the SRU, the 3 Edinburgh super 6 teams as an illustration of the lack of forward planning. Insofar as the discussion about the squad, Hoggs captaincy worries me. He can be very emotional, try to much or berate other players if the match turns, e.g. USA. We can only live in hope as ever. Keep up the good work lads. It is very much appreciated. And you may correct me if I got the youth development coaches wrong!!

  4. Not rocket science on

    Dodson must be laughing – he’s old news now. Saracens is crazy times, couldn’t happened to nicer club or nicer set of supporters.

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