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Podcast: Episode 91 – Mo Marfo Mo Problems


The podcast returns following a short break. Cammy and John catch up on various goings on including Sir Bill Gammell’s governance review, John Barclay’s international retirement and impact of the Super 6 on the National leagues. We also get excited about the possible return of Uncle Big Oaks and look back at Daryl Marfo’s Scotland career after he left Edinburgh by mutual consent.

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28 Responses

    1. Bit of a shock. Tommy has been our most consistent outside back of the last 5-6 years. Even when he was out of form he was solid.
      We’ll miss him but not as much as pre Darcy Graham.

      1. We can still field a back three + sub of Maitland, Hogg, Kinghorn and Graham. With Duhan vdM qualifying soon and Byron McGuigan as backup. So it’s not too concerning, but sad to see Tommy go as on his day he was probably the pick of them (Hogg aside).

      2. I like the look of Blain, Nairn and McMichael.

        All are 6 foot 3 or above and big units which is a useful change for Scottish wingers and along with Kinghorn could see us putting out a big back 3 potentially which is a nice tool to have in our locker. Add in McDowell at inside centre and Steyn at outside and we could have a towering set of backs not lacking pace either.

        I particularly enjoyed one of the Premiership coaches describing Nairn as “some sort of mountain”.

      3. Agreed. Robbie Nairn is awesome and an absolute mountain.
        Plus Lomond McPherson, he looks class.

  1. Yet to listen, but this calendar year’s hands in the ruck is the treatment/waste of Huw Jones.

  2. May I throw in a discussion point, potentially a contentious one?

    What do people think about players retiring from international duty? This applies to more than just rugby obviously but IMO it seems to happen more often these days.

    My personal opinion is that if you are a professional sportsperson you should be honored to be selected for your country and make yourself available until such a time that you actually retire or aren’t considered good enough.

    I will add a couple of caveats that international commitments are becoming more demanding (people of all walks of life are entitled to time off and a family life) and that if your heart isn’t in it then I don’t want you playing anyway.


    1. I support it as a genuine thing (i.e. not Joe Marler), and when done at a considerate time. The player (presumably) knows first when they are not up to international standard, not up for the intensity, travel etc…

      Done right, it’s a giving gesture and can improve club and country.

    2. I think the likes of Barclay and Seymour who have served their country well over the years know when it is an opportune time to call it a day. They are effectively giving way to the next generation (Watson/Ritchie/Fagerson and Graham/Kinghorn) whilst still being able to ply their trade in the Pro14. In my opinion a selfless act. They will have discussed this with their respective coaches, including Twonsend and means Rennie/Cockerill can count on them being available during the international windows.
      I have no doubt that were the country call on them to come out of retirement due to an injury crisis or whatever, they would.

    3. There is a time to start and a time to stop. Fading away can be a pain that erodes a man’s confidence for life. Taking control of your own destiny is always a more positive way to move your life forward. It is an honor , it is also a commitment. Not sure there is much more to say , it is a personal choice .

    4. I think the main reasons are

      1) It saves a bit of face for the player, ie going out on their own terms
      2) You get paid a lot more by your club as you are no longer going to be leaving for 8 weeks each season to play autumn internationals/6 nations

  3. A more cynical person than me might just wonder whether Toonie has had a word about what he wants to do with the next 6N squad and given them the opportunity to announce their retirement if they choose to do so. Nothing wrong with that – shows two good servants considerable respect.

  4. Sorry to see Tommy go, despite dip in recent form thought that he might have a couple of seasons left in him at international level given we’re not over blessed with back 3 choices -as folk suggest, maybe Toonie feels he has to ring the changes. However, as well as the Hogg/Maitland/Kinghorn/Graham options, might give Steyn an opportunity as a genuine 13/14, though perhaps that means being a permanent number 23. With Scott & Hutchinson being able to cover both 12 & 13 well & being in form, hoping our back line delivers way more this 6N. Daryl Marfo was a strange one; zero to hero & then oblivion in the blink of an eye; real shame as need some options at loose head.

  5. Twitter buzzing that Nakawara is coming to Glasgow for the rest of the season. Also talk of Nick Abendanon being approached to move. Interesting.

  6. This Nakarawa deal is a Trojan Horse for Glasgow. He’s not been that good recently and there’s a reason Racing sacked him – he was taking the mickey. The Glasgow faithful seem to be looking for a boost but an ex with question marks concerning attitude is not the answer.

    Shame about Seymour, he’s moving aside to let the apprentice step in. From master to apprentice. Graham and Kinhgorn. Exactly the same happened when Dan Parks called it quits with Russell emerging.

    1. My prediction is Glasgow sign him from January 1st for 6 months (rugbypass saying he has already signed a memorandum of understanding stating he will do just that) then he moves back to France for next season to one of the other big clubs (Toulouse) and Richie Gray, who is out of contract at the end of the year, comes back to Glasgow. Heard it here first! Think Richie may want to finish his career in Glasgow and increase his chances of a last Scotland call, plus Glasgow are surely willing to throw some cash at some beef in the pack.

  7. The Weegies are clearly hoping that Naki is the catalyst they need, but I am not convinced. He’s a world class player, but not sure he has the personality to lift a whole club – might disappear into a shell as he tries harder and harder with the impossible offloads.

    Hope I am wrong.

    1. I think he is exactly the person to do it. One of the best second rows in the world who is mates with half the team and understands everything the club stands for. If you can’t raise your game playing along side one of the best in the business then there is a serious issue. He certainly didn’t disappear into a shell in his first tenure so I don’t see why his second would be any different.

      1. It’s a very different weegie side to the one he left.

        There is also the reason to his sacking, it cant have just been for being late back after the RWC – world class players get leeway for that sort of stuff.

  8. I think Nakawara will be all kinds of useful to Glasgow this season but if it is just a 6 month deal then only a stop-gap and a result of opportunism rather than cogent planning.
    If he did stay longer and Glasgow could add Abendanon and Gary Graham that squad would take on a whole new complexion.

  9. The question if Nakarawa does come back is do you play him at his favoured position of lock & bench Gray or Cummings…. or play him at 6/8 instead of Wilson/Fagerson ?

    1. Play him in the 6 nations, then as cover at the business end of the season.

      Gregor burned his squad out before the RWC , too much rugby for them IMO . Naks will be well rested when he gets back.

    2. I would go for 6 instead of Wilson with Wilson on the bench, think it gives us some much needed bulk with still having decent breakdown operators. Possibly more likely to have him in the second row though with Cummings on the bench.

  10. If you need 3 locks and 4 back row players in any match 23 then you would assume that the ideal scenario for Glasgow outside of the 6N is.
    2nd row Gray, Cummings and Naks To be rotated as required.
    During the 6N MacDonald, Davidson and Naks rotated as required.
    You’ve got cover from Harley in either scenario who I think is more effective at lock now than BR. similarly you can use Naks to rotate and cover in the back row. IMO the only back row Glasgow can field at the moment that can compete in champions cup/ top ends pro14 games is Wilson/Fagerson/Gibbins
    Adding Naks to that list will similarly allow rotation and cover plus adding real quality during the 6N.
    I do believe that Glasgow will lose significantly fewer players this 6N than in the past and a dominant pack n centre combinations can cover up for the lack of quality at half back through the 6N and allow them to make up ground on Ulster.

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