Podcast: Episode 81 – Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Cammy, Iain and John look back at Scotland’s defeat to Ireland in the opening round of the World Cup. We chat about Scotland’s mindset, preparations and try to get to the bottom of what went wrong.

We also hear about TMO Ben Skeen’s weekend putting up some shelves, get our hands in the ruck over refereeing and provide some genuine and serious advice to people who maybe take defeat harder than they should.

If you do feel like the performance of your favourite sports team is having long term impacts on your ability to live in the real world then you should think about talking to someone. The charity Mind do excellent work in this area and can refer you to someone in your area who can help. Visit www.mind.org.uk

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9 comments on “Podcast: Episode 81 – Hello Darkness My Old Friend

  1. Stephen on

    People that think laidlaw (praise him) is the reason for everything wrong with Scottish rugby: 1. Have forgotten the last 20 years. 2. Need to GO DOODY DOODY BYE BYE. Don’t think I’ve ever seen someone try so hard to keep a POOPETY fest under control since Chris paterson in 2009.

    [Edited for language please obey the site comment rules]

    • Scrummo on

      Enjoyed this comment. To be fair to Laidlaw it is a tough job at 9 for Scotland sometimes. Too often a s***show in front of you and a mad genius at 10 with an raging fullback behind him demanding the ball.

  2. Referendum on

    Great to see some of the opening music/clips etc back please can we have more of this? Used to love the top and tail of the podcasts.

  3. Not rocket science on

    Question – What does a NZ no 8 in France have to do with Dougie Donnelly? I see no Scottish connection nor a Scottish rugby connection. You’ll be letting in Will Carling glimpsed on a train to Guildford next. Happy to be corrected, otherwise hands in the ruck.

    • Referendum on

      Is this genuinely a question? It’s about celebrity spots and the more mundane the better. Dougie Donnelly is the chosen celebrity for this particular item to fly with. Like most of the bizarre stuff on this podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously, it’s a vehicle to laugh at ourselves, celebrity culture, and our nations rather unique traits.

      If I’ve missed the joke then I apologise.

      • Cammy Black on

        I take the point. I did call John out on his timing during the pod so the minutes will show that it wasn’t officially a Where’s Dougie Donnelly. For future reference we prefer this to be as parochial a segment as possible as that’s the fun but all submissions are considered depending on context. Johns story would have passed that test

  4. Ben F on

    Great title, great intro (brilliant lyrics) and though I could not listen to it entirely ( bits here and there) it was good chatter, more of you three would be welcome.While winning the remaining matches and getting into the knockout stage is still doable, I would question what we will take from this world cup, other than we are consistent at repeating ugly history, time and again, always on the eve of rising expectation !

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