Podcast: Episode 79 – World Cup Preview

This week Cammy, Iain and Sandy look ahead to the World Cup previewing every single one of Scotland’s games as well as all the possible match ups in the knock out stages.

We also predict the big talking points from the tournament, discover the horrors of Welsh whisky and have an exclusive on Barbara Dickson’s handbag.

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Born a Souter but brought up just south of the Border in Berwick where he played for Berwick RFC as a kid any any position where cover was needed.
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10 comments on “Podcast: Episode 79 – World Cup Preview

  1. Rosco on

    Really hope Townsend picks Graham over Seymour. Townsend is very loyal to past players who don’t ruffle his feathers. Wouldn’t be surprised if he opts for Seymour who has struggled to find consistent form since the Lions tour. Graham though is performing much better and should be selected vs Ireland.

  2. FF on

    I rate Seymour, he’s got great understanding with Hogg and credit in the bank as far as
    I’m concerned. But he’s made his share of bloopers in the past so isn’t exactly a safe pair of hands option.

    Graham is a fantastic defender, has great pace and real finishing ability. I think it would be really disappointing if we don’t back talent and play him from the start.

    • Referendum on

      Agree the only thing going for Seymour at present over Darcy os his try record in the world cup. Think he’s scored in his last four world cup matches or something. Although Darcy is putting in tries at a faster rate than Visser in his pomp. By the end of the world cup and if he gets a shot at Russia Graham will have more tries than caps. Think we need at least three tries to beat Ireland. A tall order.

  3. mthagen65 on

    Great pod as usual gents. Top story about Barbara Dickson’s handbag! Look forward to the #RWC2019 updates…..keep up the good work.

  4. Matto on

    In the topical theme, my Faur’s Dougie D for the week: My old biology text book had been signed in its early years by Barbara Dickson, and also some years later by Stuart Adamson to become of Big Country. So, sometime, I’d guess in the 1960s, Barbara Dickson (now of Scottish rugby fame and folklore) was spotted, doing biology, in (recently in the news for being burned down) Woodmill HIgh School, Dunfermline.

    I was looking forward to seeing how Total Eclipse of the Heart would be factored in, but have subsequently realised that was Bonnie Tyler. I now live in hope that she will at some point be let down in some way whilst trying to attend a Scotland rugby match.

  5. Neil on

    Denton retires due to concussion issues including blurred vision for the past months..

    His biggest regret is that he cant play for Scotland anymore.

  6. Fraser on

    Potential issue with the fantasy rugby – the cut off for each round is the start of the first match of the round and some of the later games probably won’t have had teams announced by then – going to be a lot of guesswork involved!

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