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The Scottish Rugby Commandments


As the World Cup draws ever nearer we asked ourselves what defines a Scottish rugby fan? What is it that sets them apart from fans of other nations?

The discussion started following a backlash on social media from fans of other countries who seemed to single Scotland fans out for booing the kicker. So we decided to bring together the finest minds Scottish rugby fandom has to offer (and Cammy) to decide once and for all how Scottish rugby fans should behave.

You can listen to our latest podcast where Cammy chats to stop-motion legend and inventor of the Scottish Hype Train, Graham Love as well as Rhiannon McCrorie, a moderator for the Scottish Rugby Forum on Facebook who’s removed more offensive comments than Chris Paterson’s total points scored for Scotland.

At the end of the podcast you’ll also get an exclusive first listen to our unofficial World Cup song for Scotland.

So here are the rules:

  1. It’s the hope that kills.
  2. Believe the hype.
  3. Anyone but England, Ireland and Wales (support Wales when playing Ireland and England, and Ireland when playing England unless any of those teams winning means we’d win the Six Nations).
  4. No one knows what Finn’s going to do at any time (aka Schrödinger’s Finn).
  5. We will boo the kicker in the following circumstances:
    • It’s a vital kick (e.g. to win the match)
    • The referee made the wrong call to award the penalty
    • Johnny Sexton is the kicker (aka the “Sexton Clause”)
  6. Embrace the pain and store it up to unleash it when appropriate.
  7. If you’re good enough you’re Scottish enough.
  8. Be reasonable in your criticism of players and stand by your man.
  9. We will only support the Lions with 10% of the squad made up of Scotland players and at least two Scottish players starting in a match day XV.
  10. Don’t start celebrating unless we’re 15 points up with the clock in the red and even then be cautious. 

Thank you to everyone who sent in suggestions.

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4 Responses

  1. Credit where its due i thought this was a good podcast, please bring back G Love for more episodes in the future.

  2. Loving the 10th Commandment.
    I was at the Scotland v Wales game in 2017 and I still felt like we could lose the match until Finn’s last penalty put us 16 points clear!

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