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Stash Corner: The Rugby World Cup 2019 Book

RWC Book by Graeme Copas

Weighing in at a chunky 299 pages, this new rugby book has been released just in time for the Rugby World Cup later in the year.

It comes with the strap-line “Everything you need to know about the Rugby World Cup” and your reviewer found it more than delivers on this promise, with enough facts and figures to keep even our own statto Kevin Millar happy, as well as stories, jokes and reviews of previous tournaments that will appeal to the “non-excel” based fans of the sport to give a good overview.

Full disclosure: I must make clear that Keith Earls is on the front cover. I have done my absolute best to ensure that this did not damage in any way my enjoyment of the content within. Please read on.

The author, Graeme Copas, has ensured that the content is accessible for fans who are relatively new to the sport, whilst still maintaining a level of detail that will interest veterans of previous tournaments.

Even if you think you know everything about the RWC – you probably don’t!

Die-hard Scotland fans will have a particular interest in the reference (or lack thereof) to the 1991 semi-final, with a certain miss in front of the posts glossed over.

As a fan it is quite galling to actually realise how little Scotland have done of interest at previous Rugby World Cups, with only our 2015 quarter-final covered in any great detail for obvious reasons that we will not repeat happy retirement ‘He who shall not be named’).

My favourite bit of the book, however, was the obligatory walk-through of each of the teams ahead of the current tournament. Scotland are given a fair crack, with seven pages given over to analysis of our chances (New Zealand have nine), and with the obvious individuals singled out as key components.

Overall you can see that a fair bit of research has gone into each of the sides which gives the book a level of authenticity befitting the bold strap-line mentioned previously.

In summary, if I was a commentator on a RWC pool match, or a casual observer looking to understand what a ‘sin-bin’ or a ‘Zinzan’ was, there is something in this book to suit most tastes.

‘Everything you need to know about the Rugby World Cup’ – completed it mate.

You can get a copy of the book from the link below:

(NB: the site may get a small commission should you do so. Review copy supplied by the publisher)

6 Responses

  1. Christ.. really running out of ideas now are we not. this site must be at it lowest activity in 10 years.

    1. Well there’s no rugby at the moment to speak of plus we’ve all been having a wee holiday.
      We got sent a copy of this book and thought it was good so we wrote about it. Some of our readers might find it useful in finding out about smaller nations.
      If you’re looking for more regular rugby news try The Offside Line.
      We’ve got loads more stuff coming over next few weeks as we get closer to warm up games.

    2. We’re not running out of ideas, we’re just taking it easy as it’s not run as a business and so we don’t NEED to post every day. Plenty stuff in the pipeline – I know Kevin has been working on his summer test previews for example. Not everyone has the time or the inclination to post content or indeed comments under multiple assumed identities merely to fill the void.

      1. No worries from me about your radio silence. Everyone needs a good holiday. Expecting the blog to get busy pretty soon as we play the warm up internationals and as the Pro 14 starts up.
        My very own personal challenge next month is to find a bar in Dubrovnik on 22 September that at 09.30 local time will be showing our game against Ireland.
        And good luck to Edinburgh and Glasgow for their forthcoming seasons!

      2. Dubrovnik is lovely that time of year. Can’t remember if I came across an Irish pub and it was a few years ago in any case, but a quick google reveals there are 3 Irish pubs within the old city, those would be your best bet I think!

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