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Our Song For Scotland

Earlier this year we launched a campaign to get Scotland to record an official World Cup song. Despite a huge 69 people signing a petition no song has been forthcoming and so we’ve decided to write one ourselves.

Our song is based on the classic Scottish children’s song “You Cannae Shove Yer Granny Off A Bus” which has been used for many years by Scottish rugby fans when telling English fans were they can park their chariots. 

We are donating all proceeds from the sale of the record raised between now and 31 December 2019 to the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation. 

The album provides great value for money with four versions of our unofficial World Cup song, a B-side about Scottish TV legend and podcast favourite Dougie Donnelly and all the jingles from the podcast. The jingles should be of particular interest to regular listeners as this is the first time they’ve all been made available for download in the same place. 

Follow the link to buy and listen to the full album:

We’ve even had our first review in from the man himself…

The album is only available on Bandcamp. Bandcamp host the album in return for a % of sales but also allow people to pay more than the £4 suggested price and so it is an ideal way of raising money.

Once you’ve purchased the album you can add it to your iTunes or other music libraries. You can find out how to do this via the following link:

Alternatively you can download the Bandcamp app on your mobile device or tablet and access the album that way or download it and burn it to a CD to listen to on your hi-fi.

You can find out more about the work of My Name’5 Doddie Foundation on their website

8 Responses

  1. Love the World Cup song, I hope you’re planning on giving a copy to the Murrayfield dj ahead of the warm up games.

    Although I still quite like the Kelly Brown led Highland Cathedral (I accept I might be the only person who does!)

  2. Wow.. My Name’5 Doddie Foundation should be donating to me to listen to this garbage.

    I understand there was an attempt at humour throughout the songs to make up for the awful screeching, it failed.

    The only positive i can take is that the proceeds are going towards a good cause.

    1. Lol the justifying on the podcast is astounding.

      Learn to take criticism, no need to turn into Stephen Jones ?

      1. Criticism is fine. Abuse is not.

        Still I’m not the one listening to an hour and forty minutes of a podcast I apparently think is only worth 6/10. Incredibly sad you’ve nothing worthwhile in your life so you have to resort to having a go at people trying to raise money for charity.

        If you don’t like the blog or podcast go and set up your own if you think you can do better.

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