New Scotland Rugby World Cup 2019 shirts unveiled

Scotland has finally revealed the new shirts for the Rugby World Cup 2019. There is some debate around the web as to whether this was the intentional release, or in fact hurriedly brought forward by the appearance of the kits in a Scotsman newspaper ad yesterday. An official launch is scheduled to take place next week where the players will train in the new kit at BT Murrayfield.

Regardless of the timeline, reaction to the kit on our social media has been very positive so far.

The appearance of a collar is sure to please some who disliked the recent home nations kits that had a distinct T-Shirt look, as will the return of the tartan elements that were well received on the 2015 World Cup kit – this time the tartan of the Japanese city of Nagasaki is also included with the Scottish Rugby tartan.

Scottish Rugby signed a Strategic Alliance with the City of Nagasaki in 2016 and have made regular visits to the city to help support initiatives to promote the sport and the relationship between the countries. Nagasaki will host the arrival and acclimatisation camp for Scotland’s Rugby World Cup Squad ahead of the tournament, hence the inclusion of their tartan.

The full kit of shorts and socks has yet to be unveiled and we hope to have a detailed look soon from our kit partners at FirstXV.

Stuart Hogg
The new home kit – pic courtesy Macron/SRU

The home kit will be navy blue shirt and shorts paired with white socks. The alternate kit changes from the current grey colouring to sky blue with sky blue shorts and the socks are a combination of sky and navy blue.

John Barclay
The new alternate kit of sky blue and tartan – pic courtesy Macron/SRU

Both kits have the Scotland logo embroidered on the left-hand side of the chest, with the Rugby World Cup logo sitting on the right-hand side and the new simplified Macron “hero” logo featuring in the centre. The saltire flag returns on the left sleeve.

The official launch video can be watched below:

24 comments on “New Scotland Rugby World Cup 2019 shirts unveiled

  1. Fraser on

    Not sure I’m a fan of the 3/4 collar – either have it all the way round the neckline or not at all.
    Otherwise it looks ok. Maybe could have done with a bit of contrast on the side panels.

  2. Locky on

    Please, white shorts, blue stockings, and where does the light blue/grey come from? Have the macron designers ever played rugby?
    Come on SRFU, get a grip!

    • Grant on

      Even just the sru to get a grip , but aye , plain shorts , plain socks , and tbh a white second shirt

    • Alanyst on

      I agree on traditional white shorts blue socks. Shorts same colour as top just has a “pro team” feel for me….I think the international team should be differentiated

      • Grant on

        However , playing in a kilt is a bold move , something akin to “ carry on up the Khyber”

        “The Devil’s in skirts”

    • Cameron Kerr on

      For £99.00 or £72.00 for replica coundt care if it the best kit ever created in the history of sports still not buying one at that price.

      SRU come on drop the pirces buy £15 to £20 i mean you can buy a man united top for less

  3. locky on

    Actually agree with Grant, bold move to play in kilts as shown….almost better than white shorts, Up the Khyber!

  4. Archie on

    A shame they didn’t go with white shorts and blue socks. Don’t like the white socks at all.

  5. TeamCam on

    Chaps, I’d just like to observe that we Brits use “alternative” not “alternate”, because unlike Americans we’re too smart to have an entitled loon-haired mentalist lead our country… oh. My mistake.

    • Rory Baldwin on

      I was going to describe it as “away” but I thought I would see how it was described on the press release: it was “alternate”. Not guilty m’lud!

      • Grant on

        It’s not an “away” strip like the Wendy ballers , it’s a change HOME strip to be polite when we clash with our invited opposition ( hence the polite home team changes) .

        Let’s not lose that and end up like the roundballers.

  6. Ben F on

    What was so wrong with Navy shirt, white shorts and navy socks. I take it this has been designed to cope with the heat in Japan , no mention of its qualities in that regard.

    White socks, come on we are going to the blood and guts show of world rugby, not a wedding in the community centre.

    We should be ‘In the navy’ at least we have a song to back us up with that strap line. In the bland , nope, doesnt feel right.

    I assume it has been designed with its functionality and its moment in time , because frankly, as a thing of beauty, or a fashion trend for fans, it is a disaster. Just my opinion , others are available.

    As for the models , Barclay has a bit of style, where is the fresh faces of scottish rugby , Darcy, Huw et al.

    Joking apart just in case there is any doubt , I am underwhelmed by the strip , it is a bit fussy, wee bits of tartan here and there , an apology for a collar. I am an all or nothing kind of guy, this is just stuck in the middle. Which is just about where we are in the WR rankings and if we leave Japan in that place, I will be happy.

    I would need to see it on the green grass of the pitch to say more, but I doubt I will change my opinion.

  7. Frank Buchanan on

    I think the price of the shirt at 100 pound is far to expensive fore me as I have just retired it is also expensive fore the working man I do like the shirt very much I hope Scotland do weel

    • DesT on

      Saw the tops yesterday and they look much better than I thought although the sizing is subject to lottery again.

      The price is more reasonable if you are ex forces as JD Sports are doing 20% off full price purchases at the moment. 😊

  8. RuggersB on

    Don’t get the fuss about the new kit. Looks fine to me …a more current version than the last one….and at least the 2nd kit is not pink!
    It isn’t down to anyone’s kit that will win or lose in the RWC.

  9. Rugbylassie on

    Join the clan, provided you are a man – no ladies version being made! Shame on you Scottish Rugby – this is 2019!

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