1872 Cup Leg II: Glasgow Warriors 8-16 Edinburgh

Within the first three minutes of this second leg of the 1872 Cup, 2018 edition, there was a stolen lineout, a scrum penalty and a bout of handbags.

This set the tone for the first half of the match with a fair bit of setpiece, plenty of niggle and occasionally some rugby threatened to break out.

The first points came from the boot of Jaco van Der Walt after Glasgow conceded a penalty at the opening scrum.

Both sides had a number of attacks in the following moments with Hamish Watson and Stuart McInally carrying hard but the defences held firm before Glasgow levelled the scores on the 18th minute, Adam Hastings kicking a penalty after they had spent several minutes attacking the Edinburgh line with a penalty advantage in their pocket.

From the restart Glasgow secured a penalty but referee George Clancy overturned it due to some afters in the ruck – Ryan Wilson heavily patting Grant Gilchrist on the head then maintaining he thought it was Tim Swinson. Edinburgh kicked for touch, won another penalty from that and Kinghorn kicked into the corner. They were given yet another penalty advantage and continued with one out attacks before throwing it wide to Van Der Merwe.

A great covering tackle by Stuart Hogg preventing him scoring in the corner but Edinburgh then opted to kick their advantage to take the lead through the boot of Van Der Walt.

A great restart kick off from Hogg forced Dean to put a foot in touch whilst trying to field the ball, earning Glasgow a lineout deep in Edinburgh’s 22. Young Grant Stewart was unable to find his man from the following lineout and the momentum swung again as Duhan Van Der Merwe sprinted down the touchline before he dropped it forward in the act of passing as Glasgow’s back three scrambled again. This time Glasgow got the penalty at the scrum and cleared their lines up to halfway.

The bitty almost nervous nature of the game continued until half time. Scrum penalties being generally awarded to the team with the put-in and knock-ons dominating. It fizzled out at the halfway mark as Pyrgos cleared it into touch.

Half Time Glasgow Warriors 3-6 Edinburgh

The teams retook the field for the second half with changes to both of them. For Glasgow Stuart Hogg and Grant Stewart were replaced by DTH Van Der Merwe and former Edinburgh man Kevin Bryce. Juan Pablo Socino came on for Edinburgh in place of Chris Dean. In the first exchanges of this half Glasgow also lost Alex Dunbar to injury and he was replaced by Sam Johnson.

The seemingly endless front row battle of the first half came to a head with the first scrum in the second period. Two resets and Clancy lost patience and punished Glasgow in the guise of Oli Kebble with a yellow card. Edinburgh were unable to take anything from the lineout that followed as Tim Swinson disrupted the maul and earned his team – you guessed it – a scrum.

The seven man Glasgow pack however were unable to retain the ball and Bill Mata set off on a run, getting to within a few inches of the line. The ball was recycled quickly and Stuart McInally forced his way over to get the first try of the match. Jaco Van Der Walt kicked the extras to stretch Edinburgh’s lead to 10.

The sin bin period ended without further score from either side but with the Glasgow front row now completely changed the scrum penalties kept coming for either side, the next one falling to Edinburgh. Van Der Walt opted to kick it through the posts from around 40 metres to make the gap wider.

Glasgow finally crossed the whitewash with only a couple of minutes left. A lineout deep in Edinburgh’s 22 led to a maul and although Edinburgh were able to stop its momentum they were unable to stop replacement George Horne from forcing his way over from close range. Hastings, forced to rush the conversion with time running out, failed to convert it.

Kinghorn overcooked the restart and from the resultant scrum Glasgow attacked through Matawalu but despite making some good ground he threw his pass straight into touch as the clock went red perhaps, summing up Glasgow’s afternoon and indeed their last 8 days or so.

This game was won in the front row. It’s not often it’s that obvious, but Schoeman and Nel were dominant throughout. It wasn’t pretty but it was effective and like all good teams you use the weapons at your disposal.

Referee – George Clancy (IRFU)

SRBlog Man of the Match – As said already the front row contest largely decided the outcome of this game and Edinburgh’s two starting props should be extremely proud of their efforts. Either could rightfully claim this award but I’m giving it to WP Nel for firstly subduing the normally dominant Oli Kebble and then forcing him into giving away enough penalties to earn the ire of referee George Clancy. The 7 points Edinburgh scored whilst he was in the sin bin pretty much settled the result.

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Edinburgh supporter and former tighthead whose clubs include Edinburgh Wanderers, Corstorphine, Lothian & Borders Police and The Co-optimists. I’m a much better player now than I ever was when I actually took to the field.
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24 comments on “1872 Cup Leg II: Glasgow Warriors 8-16 Edinburgh

  1. Scrummo on

    Think Johnny Gray could be lucky to make the Scotland squad for the world cup based on his performances over the two 1872 games.

    Gilchrist and Toolis have a great partnership and compliment each other well. Big Richie is a shoe in IF he’s fit and Skinner is likely as he can play 6. Those could be the 4 for me. We just don’t need a tackle machine who struggles to exert influence on games when we have others who offer more. Thoughts?

      • FF on

        Gray has way too much credit in the bank to miss out unless he plays like a drain for the rest of the season. Toolis has had a few chances at test levels and always looked a bit soft. He’ll get more chances to prove himself before the selection is made but he’s got a fair bit of ground to make up. Anyway, Richie Gray hasn’t played a test in almost two years and has barely played at club level either. It is a massive assumption that he’ll return in his best form if he is fit for RWC selection at all.

    • Ńèíł on

      I agree and have been saying it for a while now Scrummo, for me an in form Richie, Gilchrist and Skinner offer more, im not sure about Toolis but its 50/50 atm between them. J.Gray is good in defence but poor in attack 100 % of the time. It works for him when he has carriers around him to make up for it, does not help in the big games where all the pack need to offer at least something in attack. Not sure how much more influential he is at Scrum/lineouts or if he is at all over the above names either, thoughts ?

    • Ben F on

      Richie Gray is not fit to play and would need to prove himself. The one thing they all lack for ‘test footie’ is an evil streak , Swinson is the closest we get to nasty. Big Jim or Hines are a long time ago now. If we drop Wilson , rightly or wrongly ,who is going to do the enforcing !

    • Alanyst on

      Sadly, I doubt we’ll see much more of R. Gray….only 58 minutes for Toulouse this year, and when was the last time he played for Scotland?

  2. Ian on

    I thought the Edinburgh scrum dominance was brought by a collective step to the right then the shove. Still it is up to the ref to spot this, and Edinburgh played to the official we had.

    Glasgow penalty count was a killer. It has become a feature of this Glasgow team to give away stupid penalties. It becomes even harder when your captain gives away the dumbest of dumb penalties. How can he then gather the troops round and call on them to stop giving way stupid penalties when he has lost his own personal authority as the worst offender of all?

    In a quirky reversal of the seasonal story it was the men from the west who gave all the gifts in these two games. Still, if Scotland can benefit from some of the grunt Edinburgh showed yesterday then brilliant. Glad you got the much needed league points – but hope Glasgow don’t regret them later. Very well played to Edinburgh.

    • septic 9 on

      Ian, you are right about the scum, but they stepped left. That’s the kind of mistake Clancy makes (insert smile face thing here).

  3. Ian Wallace on

    Do they not call the scrum The Dark Arts. Edinburgh at present have one of the top packs in Europe and as such dominate set pieces against most teams. I guess what I am trying to say is that the easy get out is to blame the ref rather than give credit to your opponents and take a long hard look at how the other teams fail to deal with it.

    • Scrummo on

      I think whatever Edinburgh were up to, Nel got under Kebble and Schoeman was powering through Rae to the extent that they couldn’t deal with the antics.

      • Neil on

        Could it just be Edinburgh had a more powerful front row person to person ?, Mcinally and Shoeman against Stewart and Rae is some mismatch, Kebble against Nel is abit closer but Nel can be World class at the scrum.

        I reckon Gilchrist and Toolis bring more power to a scrum than Gray/Swinson could also.

      • Scrummo on

        That Edinburgh front 5 is a very, very powerful unit. If I was Townsend I’d be taking note and looking for a loosehead to complement.

    • Grumpy on

      The dark arts dub belongs to the front row and to a time long long ago when rugby was a game to be played and watching was less entertaining. A time when props could win the game, just no one knew about it.

  4. Ben F on

    The front row is Cockers home and he will have prepared his side and Clancy well. I wont take anything away from Edinburgh, by far a better front 5 over both legs. Kebble has had more than a few penalties, I think the commentator stated 16 against him this season.He will be geting a bad name for himslef. Stewart is not ready for this intensity set piece and handling errors. It was a car crash.

  5. The Outlaw King on

    Congratulations Edinburgh. By far the better side over the two legs. As a Warriors fan I was disappointed in the performance of the team. To a man they all appeared to be flat, lacking that spark to prise open the excellent defence of Edinburgh. Our tight five were out muscled. Hastings was trying to force the game at times when a cool head was required. Gray needs rested and. Cummings should have played, if fit. As for Clancy’s refereeing- the least said the better.

    • Rob on

      Hastings was trying to force the game at times when a cool head was required … think we are now seeing why Bath did not rate Hastings!!!

      • Ńèíł on

        I actually think you have to try and force things against a defense like edinburghs when your forwards cant make meters, he might not always make the right option but that comes from years and years of experience, remember the kid is only 21/22 so has done well in alot of other areas which others 10s will never be able to do.

  6. FF on

    Edinburgh really needed two victories to put themselves back in contention for the play-offs and European champions cup qualification and these matches have really set them up to push on. They look well-placed to qualify for the HC QF and might even achieve a home draw. Who then would bet against them to progress further? Still not much margin for error in the league but they have a relatively kind schedule over the 6N. Their pack looks really formidable but they need to add a more clinical attack. After early season wobbles Cockerill looks like he’s going to build on his first season at the helm but we need champions cup rugby next year to cement out status as a serious team.

    It looks like a crisis for Glasgow, their league lead has evaporated and they have a must-win game coming up against Cardiff without a decent hooker and their confidence shot. However, I don’t subscribe to the baby and bath water reaction of fans. They are an excellent team that was in good form and had a wobble against a team that always troubles them. Two likely wins against Benetton and Cardiff will put this crisis in confidence to bed and they’ll be looking at playoffs and a highly likely QF in Europe with real hopes of going further. At least they won’t suffer from the complacent end to the season of last year that ended in such limo disappointment against Scarlets. Of course lose to Benton and Cardiff and they’ll be in tailspin looking to salvage the season. I still rate Rennie and think they’ll pull through this year without banking any silverware.

  7. pragmatic optomist on

    The breast beating and hysteria by the Glasgow supporters needs to stop. They are still one of the best and most exciting running teams in Europe. I had thought that they’d improved the pack enough to compete this year, but injuries to Fagerson Snr, Turner and Brown have set them back on their heels. Putting up Rae and Stewart against McInally and Schoemann was always a disaster waiting to happen. It did. Glasgow need to sign a top hooker on a temporary basis. I saw on other bloggs that Schalke Britts is available. Why not? He’d fit the Glasgow style like a glove. He’s even faster than Turner.
    As for Edinburgh. Their pack should be able to compete against the top teams in Europe (Leinster, Saracens, Racing) but they’ll struggle with the backs they have unless they win the arm wrestle up front. Don’t think Sexton will present them with xmas gifts like Hastings did. Bennett and Scott are needed back asap.
    As FF says, unless Glasgow sign a hooker, they’ll struggle against a resurgent Cardiff (Navidi back) and in the game against Saracens they could be buried.
    Glasgow might need to prioritise the Pro 14 rather than Europe, as the front row injured won’t return until later in the year.

    • FF on

      Glasgow could qualify for the QFs with a 1py home win versus Cardiff so no need to throw in the towel yet. Cardiff might also choose to focus on the league as they are out of Europe already. QFs are after the 6N do turner and brown will have returned. Cardiff are no mugs but they also can’t boast a pack like edinburgh’s. Still what was an assumed easy 5pts now looks like a do or die game.

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