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PRO14 Round 10: The Teams

Edinburgh forwards
Most of the pack who faced down Munster will return again this week- pic © ALASTAIR ROSS | Novantae Photography

Sorry no time for chat today (joys of a day job) but here are the teams:

Munster Rugby v Edinburgh Rugby

Munster Rugby: Mike Haley, Andrew Conway, Chris Farrell, Rory Scannell, Keith Earls, JJ Hanrahan, Conor Murray, Dave Kilcoyne, Niall Scannell, John Ryan, Tadhg Beirne, Billy Holland, Peter O’Mahony, Chris Cloete, Arno Botha.
Replacements: Kevin O’Byrne, Jeremy Loughman, Ciaran Parker, Fineen Wycherley, Gavin Coombes, Duncan Williams, Tyler Bleyendaal, Sammy Arnold,

Edinburgh Rugby: Dougie Fife, Tom Brown, George Taylor, Juan Pablo Socino, Duhan van der Merwe, Jaco van der Walt, Nathan Fowles, Rory Sutherland, Dave Cherry, Murray McCallum, Jamie Hodgson, Callum Hunter-Hill, Ally Miller, Lewis Wynne, Luke Hamilton (capt).
Replacements: Ross Ford, Darryl Marfo, Pietro Ceccarelli, Callum Atkinson, Senitiki Nayalo, Sean Kennedy, Jason Baggott, Chris Dean.

Referee: Nigel Owens

Fri 30th November 2018 19:35, Irish Independent Park

Glasgow Warriors v Scarlets

Glasgow Warriors: Ruaridh Jackson, Robbie Nairn, Nick Grigg, Stafford MacDowell, Nikola Matawalu, Brandon Thomson, George Horne, Alex Allan, George Turner, D’arcy Rae, Tim Swinson, Scott Cummings, Matt Smith, Chris Fusaro, Adam Ashe.
Replacements: Kevin Bryce, Oli Kebble, Siua Halanukonuka, Kiran McDonald Seran, David Tameilau, Nick Frisby, Patrick Kelly, Ratu Tagive.

Scarlets: Johnny McNicholl, Tom Prydie, Jonathan Davies, Kieron Fonotia, Steff Evans, Rhys Patchell, Kieran Hardy, Rob Evans, Ryan Elias, Werner Kruger, Jake Ball, Steve Cummins, Will Boyde, Dan Davis, Uzair Cassiem.
Replacements: Dafydd Hughes, Wyn Jones, Simon Gardiner, Lewis Rawlins, Tom Phillips, Sam Hidalgo-Clyne, Paul Asquith, Clayton Blommetjies.

Referee: Frank Murphy

Sat 1st December 2018, 17:15, Scotstoun Stadium

46 Responses

      1. Delighted – He turned that game around for Edinburgh in the second half, his mere presence inspired those around him.

  1. Serious miscalculation on Cockerill’s part in sending boys to take on men who number seasoned internationals. A thrashing, and its still only half-time, which could totally derail Edinburgh’s season.

    1. And what makes you think it was a miscalculation ? Most of the International players would have been on a mandatory rest week and most of the other players rested/rotated played in the games Vs Dragons and Zebre without success so its not irrational to think even with them Edinburgh (with 0 away wins) would get nothing out of a game at Munster (100% home record) . So he has chosen to rest the players he thinks he will need the most over the next 4 weeks , seems like a reasonable idea.

      1. Also there last game was less than 5 full days ago which was abit of a joke.

        Have to manage your players well.

    2. One person’s serious miscalculation is another’s hard nosed professional decision. I agree it wasn’t a pretty watch, but it was clear Cockers was giving this away to concentrate on the HC.

    3. I think the HC double header with Newcastle will be more important in defining our season and as such takes priority. Valuable experience for the young lads who were given a run in the team aswell.

  2. Actually thought they deserved credit for not chucking the towel in 2nd half. Really young Embra team many of whom will be better for a try out at that level.

  3. Absolutely shocking desicion for that red card, tmo trying to cheat us out the game.

    Hope Glasgow keep manhandling these trashpandas

    Justice will be had!

    10/10 for performance from everyone so far.

    1. How can Farrell get away with 2 shots way worse than that.

      Happens to us instant red card – Consistency is a joke, world rugby is to blame.

      1. I think Allen deserved a red (although I agree Farrell would have gotten away with it), but Murphy utterly bottled it for the high hit on Swinson, not to mention the ball coming out from the ruck illegally leading to the penalty lineout (with a squint throw in, which was penalised earlier) and the pass in the build up to their second try which was as marginally forward as the one that got Nairn’s beauty scrubbed off. Still, I think the focus should be one how brilliant Warriors were. Kebble, Fusaro, Turner and Thomson were particularly good. MacDowall and Nairn were very good, too, as were Horne, Niko and Grigg. Absolutely monstered their eight with our seven in the scrum, won the physical battle and forced tons of penalties. Scarlets gave away, what 17 penalties and really should have had another yellow for repeated infringements, especially in the scrum.

        If Rennie keeps the team this tough and determined, we’ve got a really chance of winning something this year.

      2. As I’ve said before , the rugby world , still doesn’t , deep down believe in Scotland it’s a flash in the pan thing , so we will continue to get the rough edge of the whistle as it were

      3. TMO was a Scot….so no international conspiracy, but perhaps a bit keen to show he’s not “biased”. Doubt the Irish or Welsh worry about these things.

        Also a word to the guy showing reruns on the big screen…don’t show stuff that might get our man a card.

  4. Great result and performance! ( Radio!)
    But tried to watch on the BBCi player S4C only to be there told to switch to S4C clic . What is this ?

    1. Watched it on Premiersports app, well worth a tenner for a month just to watch that game alone.

      Dont think i’ve seen Glasgow play this well since there 2015 league winning year, and that was with alot of second string players over the past month.

      Good to see Doddie and Lawson commentator on it.

      1. Pretty decent. Few missed tackles but really good under the high ball. Had a decent run in try chalked off for a forward pass during the build up. Didn’t get too many chances to get involved after the RC as the forwards took a lot more ball.

  5. McDowell looks a real player. He can play either centre position and fullback and I like that he tackles hard.

    Rae must also be pushing himself into Scotland contention…whilst Fagerson is injured I think he’s doing more than McCallum right now for that third tighthead slot.

    1. McDowell also did really well as a flanker last night – his efforts really helped the scrum be so dominant. As you say, a real player.

  6. Magnificent performance. The forwards were tremendous and everyone played their part. My MoM was Swinson with Kebble close behind. Great team effort. But someone should show Frisby the Ali Price video.

  7. A team of players not picked in the Autumn:




    Comin on strong.

  8. That was just awesome from Glasgow, just wish there was consistency with cards. If Allen was a red- debatable – then why weren’t Scarlets shown a red for Murphy’s (?) supposed tackle on Swinson. Both involved an arm hitting the head so at least show some consistency even if consistently wrong! Thought the Weggie pack were absolutely amazing & anyone who thinks Swinson is not worth a place in the team – and national squad – should watch that match, my MoM. Physical, athletic & intelligent (great positioning from a kick off to get a turnover). Grigg also looked sharp & worked hard, as did everyone on the park, credit to squad members who stepped up in the absence of a number of internationals. If only S4C had subtitles, I could have known how much they hated eating humble pie!

    1. Doh, Phillips was the Scarlets high-hitter not Murphy! How long before Kebble can don the dark blue? Had a great game but any pack of 7 that can demolish a Scarlets scrum like that consistently deserves a collective medal. And great to see that despite being a man down, Glasgow were still prepared to run the ball out of their 22 at times. Thought the decision-making was generally good tonight & mixed up the point of attack which kept the Scarlets guessing all night. A masterclass in true grit & game management (not sleeping coz still fired up having watched the recorded match later this evening!)

      1. Around August/September 2020 Kebble will be eligible for selection for Scotland. Will need to be capped (or play A team or 7s) between then and 31 December 2020 to be captured before the qualification period increases to 5 years.

  9. Kebble would of been my MOTM… the guy emptied himself. We saw him down a couple of times and were a bit worried but hd kept getting back up and then dominating them at the next scrum. Also thought Swinson, Fusaro and Turner were all excellent.

    I was a bit worried Scarlets were going to have a bit to much class in their backline for us… Brandon up against Patchell, Nairn up against Steff Evans and Grigg vs Jonathan Davies. Rennies systems seem to work even when it’s not your 1st choice personnel.

    Interestingly, why did SHC get booed when he came on?

    Couple of people complaining on Twitter about the crowd being too partisan and calling for every decision… correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t this be the case at your home games? We were all particularly annoyed when our magnificent try got called back for the TMO when there was nothing clear or obvious but then the Scarlets got let off for theirs not five minutes later.

    1. Too right a home crowd should be partisan, especially when your team needs a boost with a player short. And imagine the dubious decision to red card Allan was what really got the crowd going & understandably. Just wish that Murrayfield was a bit more raucous, it gives the players a real lift. Hopefully the booing of SHC was good natured banter – he used to play down the other end of the M8, has played for the national team & was now looking to sink Glasgow so not surprising under the circumstances that there was some reaction. It is a fine balance between sportsmanship & respect on one hand & getting behind your team on the other but no-one wants a sterile arena & every club has the benefit of playing in front of a home crowd.

      1. And literally every other venue and crowd is partisan. Not sure why we cop so much flak for it.

      2. Scotstoun is one of the smallest grounds in the Pro14 – it’s incredibly easy to get that place rocking (even taking into consideration the tweed brigade in the Main Stand). The East Stand has an amazing atmosphere, and because everything is so close together, it’s clear that the noise can easily intimidate opposing players.

        There might have been a few shouts of words which were not really very sportsmanlike (and which were shushed by folks around them), but I agree that maybe people who find loudly supporting your team (when they’ve gone down to 14 men) particularly threatening, might like to reconsider where they sit.

        One of the best crowds I’ve been part of at Scotstoun, and there was nothing particularly unpleasant or threatening. The ref becomes a panto villain in situations like that – it’s all part of the game.

    2. By all means create a partisan environment – but booing everything even when the ref has got it right just makes you look like an ignorant moron.

  10. Actually that was me, I was just amusing myself while waiting for breakfast! Hope it raised a couple of chuckles…

  11. Perhaps the best I have ever seen Glasgow play. Seriously impressed with George Turner. A player for me that led the rest of the team yesterday. Huge work rate and a massive amount of aggression going into contact. He has that snarl and grit that Scotland could really do with. Big prospect. Have to hand it to the rest of the boys as well. So much fight, spirit and accuracy. George Hornes best game for Glasgow and not because of his running game. He has to be the future 9 for Scotland. Dave Rennie has worked his magic with these boys. Love the old school grit he brings. He has the players snarling and that’s what we are at times missing and is exactly what we need in Scottish rugby. Mon the warriors.

    1. Horne absolutely is the future. He just needs to work on calming the beans when he gets his dander up. There was an early maul drive towards the line which was moving well. Hornito threw his left shoulder into it to help things along, which meant that when the ball popped out the back, there was no one to receive it and it flew up and over and into touch.

      I don’t want him to lose his creative flair and grit, but he does need to use his head a wee bit more and be aware that as scrum half he’s got a pretty important job to do.

      1. I would argue Horne is not the future he is the now, he would have a massive impact starting international games, i would certainly be looking at starting him in 1-2 of the six nations games and him getting a good few starts in the pre-world cup warm up games.

  12. Couldn’t believe Cockerill’s comments that I read in the paper:
    “I’m not sure what else I can do,” Cockerill insisted. “If I don’t pick Ally Miller or Lewis Wynne [the back rows, both chosen for their third games], who do I pick? I’ve no choice.”

    “If I don’t pick [Callum] Hunter-Hill or [Jamie] Hodgson [in the second row], who do I pick? I haven’t got anybody else. That’s where we’re at.”

    There’s guys are professional players and he’s got the nerve to name these guys and basically imply they are not up to it. Shocking!!

    One key aspected that’s required in a good coach is decency. Protect the players and make them feel good. The comparison between Rennie and Cockerill pre-match was like chalk n cheese. Rennie being positive and believing in his second string team and Cockerill having no faith and making excuses in advance to protect his ego or something.

    Psychology plays a huge part in performance sport and Cockerill could do with some advice or he’ll loose the players quickly.

    1. To be fair I think he’s probably getting at the fact that injuries and call ups have left the back 5 ridiculously callow. Ideally CHH or Hodgson would have been packing down besides McKenzie for example or even Carmichael who I’m sure would be helping them through the games. Similarly considering the number of Scotland internationals they have contracted in the backrow to end up with just Hamilton and even Toolis starting there is remarkable. It’s a shame Crosbie is injured as he may have shined during this period being a bit more seasoned in comparison to Wynne and Miller. Though there were opportunities where Miller could have played last season and wasn’t given a shot.

      Glasgow have certainly had to rely on untried youth as well but I think it helps say McDowell when he’s had the likes of Horne, Jackson, Grigg and Seymour around him at various times.

      I know I’m making excuses for him a bit especially and I do agree with what you’re saying, think it’s just frustration though. Edinburgh’s game plan relies on a hard nosed pack and they haven’t had that with the young players selected which isn’t their fault as they all look prospects. Glasgow just look superb wherever you look.

      1. Hi Scrummo,

        I totally agree that he was probably trying to identify that he has a number of injuries and players needing rested.

        But if this was his point then he expressed it very poorly and to the detriment of those selected.

        He’s responding to questions and in fairness it’s easy to slip up or not express the message as well as you wished.

        Though there does appear to be and air of defensiveness creeping in now that results aren’t going his way. Hopefully the tide turns and some good wins are on the way.

      2. I agree.

        Defensiveness can be fine if your building a siege mentality, i.e. giving the refs stick. But hanging your players out to dry certainly doesn’t have the same effect. Should be praising them unreservedly for stepping up and doing as well as more experienced players in a crisis.

      3. A siege mentality is probably not ideal in the long run anyway…very trying to maintain the level of emotion and driven by fundamentally negative motivations.

        Good for a tough 20 minutes on the field, not for a whole season.

        This might be Cockerill’s toughest season…last year was all “yay we’re not crap anymore” from sorting out obvious problems.

        This year its “aye but we’re still not very good” but all the easy problems are solved…

        In future seasons I guess the bigger problems like grounds, recruitment, academy, will be solved over time.

        BTW what was the question?

  13. Not managed to see any of the action this weekend yet but was intrigued by headline on the bbc website “blues coach sick of poor pro 14 refereeing”, and low and behold, our old pal Stuart Berry there. Surely this guy needs to be under very close scrutiny now after numerous abject performances.

    1. I can tell, most of the time. We’re also considering a “blue tick” type of system so that regular posters can use an (optional) account to post comments and then you can be certain their posts are their posts.

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