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Podcast: Series 3 Episode 3 – Blue Riband MacLennan


Cammy, Rory and Al look back at Scotland’s performances over the Autumn and the historic victory over Australia. We also find out what Hugh Dan MacLennan has for a half time snack, wonder if forcing Andy Robinson to commentate on the Australia game constitutes cruel and unusual punishment and listen to a classic TV theme tune. Also, will Cammy finally give Ryan Wilson a break?

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“Comment of the week” – We’ll be picking out our favourite comments from articles across the blog from the past year.

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“Where’s Dougie Donnelly?” – Our news section of the podcast where we’re looking for your sporting celebrity spots and any gossip or rumours you’ve heard (that won’t land us in court). The more festive the better. Have you seen Hamish Watson in a Christmas jumper? Has Dave Rennie been down Tesco to pick up his turkey yet? What is Finn Russell getting Ali Price for Christmas?


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Scottish Rugby Podcast

17 Responses

  1. When you were looking at the likely members of the future Scotland team, you didn’t mention either Adam Hastings or George Horne. I was at the Liberty Stadium on Sunday as Glasgow demolished the Ospreys. Hastings was quite rightly MoM and Horne was simply class. If these guys continue developing, in 2 years time I can see no reason why both will not be in our World Cup squad and provide the bench support we’ll need to Price & Russell (something which is not really there just now). I’m also not as concerned as I was about Finn’s departure from the Warriors next year with Hastings coming through. He’s not a Finn as yet, but plays the game & leads the attack in a similar manner.

    1. This is interesting. Horne will be 24 when the next world cup kicks off, Hastings will be 23 (older than Finn was when he led us into the 2015 RWC.) You feel like they have a long way to come, and we’re going to have to let them make mistakes on a big stage between now and then if we want them to be ready. But you’d rather have 24 yo Horne than 34 yo Laidlaw coming off the bench any day of the week.

      1. This time last year Ali Price was a benchwarmer for Glasgow and Pyrgos was well ahead of him for both Glasgow and Scotland. Now, he is one of the first names on the team sheet. One year in professional rugby is a long time, two years is an eternity. There may well be players we haven’t even heard of starting in 2019.

      2. These youngsters should get exposed to high quality rugby ASAP. In the early days of professional rugby some of the coaches would not clear out the dead wood, leading to a decade of dismal performances and a rather smug attitude from some of the established players. Also from those days, one big name Scottish coach, never did grasp the concept of replacing players from the bench. He had a habit of refusing to make changes until the last five minutes.

    2. Well 2 years is a long time in Rugby. Finn is off to France , out of sight and not french. He will develop in a different way from being in Scotland.From what we have seen this autumn there is lots of people can fill gaps in the squad .

  2. I’d rather have people coaching from row z than leading a Mexican wave! What’s so bad about having an opinion?!!

    1. I know you lads play up on being negative etc etc but the rant about Murrayfield fans came across as throughly miserable and out of touch, not in an entertaining way at all. I don’t know if you pay for your tickets or not but for the price of a test ticket, every man woman and child as every right to say whatever they want as much as they want and as loudly as they want providing it isn’t explocitly,offensive to others. You can’t praise the new Murrayfield atmosphere one minute and whine about vocal fans the next. We’ve all been wound up by annoying fans around us and we’ve probably all been that annoying fan at some point. Lighten up.

      1. That wasn’t our “hands in the ruck” to be fair. Someone on Twitter had submitted it on there for us to read out. Happy to make this your hands in the ruck for next episode for balance.

    1. Ha, if only! £225k would probably get about 1/3 of a Julian Savea…and certainly not at Edinburgh.

  3. Is it just me or does it sound like someone is playing basket ball in the background.
    Been on the last 2 now

  4. Just wanted to post a wee word of congrats on the quality of the podcasts. Been listening since the first one, usually once a week on an air commute to

    Now back home and driving daily I’ve been looking for more and got hold of a couple of others. ‘Egg Chasers’… meh. “The rugby pod”…. dear god, please make it stop. Big Jim and Andy Goode are 35 and 37 respectively and yet exhibit all the teenage-boy playground traits that the Wendy-ball loving public stereotype in the rugby community. The rest all seem to be commercial (bbc, etc)

    So anyway. Thanks, guys, for producing such a great product in such a sea of utter crap.

    1. Thanks BorderBadger… We’re planning on doing them monthly for most of the time but going to weekly during 6 Nations, Summer Tour and Autumn Tests.
      The next one should be out sometime next week. It’s a Christmas special so expect sleigh bells.
      After that we’ll probably do a 6 Nations preview in January before doing one after every 6 Nations match.
      If you’re after something more regular that’s not limited to rugby in Scotland you might enjoy Blood & Mud who approach things in a similar vein to us.

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