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Scottish Rugby Blog 10th Anniversary Awards – The Results

Vern Cotter - pic © Al Ross/Novantae Photography
Vern Cotter - pic © Al Ross/Novantae Photography

Those of you who listen to our podcast will already know the winners of the glittering array of prizes on offer as part of our 10th Anniversary Awards but we appreciate not everyone has time to listen to podcasts and so it’s time to reveal the winners. We reached out to all our winners and received some wonderful responses.

We still heartily recommend listening to the Awards show itself on the podcast, especially if you want to hear an audio description of the last 25 years of Scottish rugby featuring Andy Robinson knocking himself out on stage and Scott Johnson in clown make up and a bikini. Everything was recorded live from the Geoff Cross suite of Scottish Rugby Blog Towers.

Now without further ado here are the winners of the Scottish Rugby Blog 10th Anniversary Awards…

Readers’ and writers’ Coach Of The Decade

This was a double award with glory up for grabs through two sets of votes. However the final outcome was unanimous in both votes with only one name emerging victorious.

Winner – Vern Cotter

We got in touch with Vern who kindly sent us a special video message as well as his own personal highlights from his time in charge of Scotland.

Readers’ and writers’ Player Of The Decade

This was another double award. However the final outcome was one again unanimous and there was only one winner.

Winner – Chris Paterson

Writers’ Award For Rugby Media Personality Of The Decade 

Nominees – John Beattie/ Hugh Dan MacLennan/ Andrew Cotter/ Peter Wright

Winner – John Beattie

We spoke to John Beattie about what the award meant to him and talked to him about his commentary and work investigating concussion in rugby.

Writers’ Awards For Services To Fashion

Nominees – Sean Lamont/ Grieg Laidlaw/ Duncan Taylor/ Stuart Hogg

Winner – Sean Lamont

Readers’ Award For Cult Hero Of The Decade

Nominees – Chunk/ Girth/ Gordy Reid/ Richie Vernon/ Sean Lamont/ Big Vern Cotter

Winner – Chunk

We got in touch with Chunk to let him know he’d won. He provided the following statement – “You mean I’m not f***ing player of the decade. F*** sake man.”

Readers’ #Justice4Roddy Award For Criminally Undercapped

Nominees – Roddy Grant/ John Barclay/ Thom Evans/ Ross Rennie/ Steven Shingler

Winner – Roddy Grant*

*John Barclay was announced as the winner but as he walked to the stage during the ceremony Roddy Grant burst into the room WWE style, hit him with a chair and marched off with the award.

Readers’ Award For Overseas Player Of The Decade

Nominees – Leone Nakarawa/ Niko Matawalu/ DTH Van Der Merwe

Winner – Leone Nakarawa

Reader’s Award For Scottish Rugby Moment Of The Decade

Nominees – World Cup Quarter Final defeat to Australia/ Melrose winning their own 7s/ Scotland 7s winning in London in 2017/ Berwick Rugby Club drinking the Orkney ferry dry/ Jo Ansbro and Al Strokosh headbutting each other

Winner – World Cup Quarter Final defeat to Australia*

*Due to an administrative error Glasgow’s Pro 12 win was omitted from the list of nominees during the voting process. However the host of the awards ruled that the decision stood as he has been blocked by Al Kellock on Twitter

Player of the Decade based on our average player ratings

Winner – Finn Russell

Most consistent player of the decade based on our player ratings (i.e. has never scored less than a 6 except the time Cam gave everyone a zero)

Winner – Alex Dunbar





8 Responses

  1. Have to admit to having a tear in my eye whilst watching the highlights video. Brought back so many memories. God I’m a big saftie.

  2. This never reads well on my iPhone. End of text at right hand side extends into the dark blue border there.

    1. Hi Jim. It’s a problem we get when we put videos etc on the site. We’re looking at a fix. In meantime you can rotate your phone to landscape and it will fix itself. Not ideal though I know

  3. Damn I read this before listening to the podcast #spoilers! Couple of my own comments on the nominations.

    Surely Doddie Weir’s trews warrant a nomination for services to fashion? (the trews themselves not Doddie). I assume Visser doesn’t count as an overseas player otherwise I would say he deserves a nomination for his prolific try scoring at Edinburgh. I know you discounted the zero ratings but Dunbar was one of the ones for whom it was fully deserved. I also lolled at Finn “Mr Consistent” Russell getting the highest ratings, I assume Hogg must have got a 1 for getting sent off against Wales or something.

  4. Most enjoyable.

    Genuinely delighted to see Chris Paterson getting the recognition his quality deserved.

    Good as Johnnie Beattie’s acceptance speech / interview was, I am appalled at the great Hugh Dan losing out, and as I type I am beginning my protest march north with my Teach yersel’ Gaelic tape on my Walkman, and my Justice for the #AlbaOne / Hornee furra linee banners held proudly aloft. I should be there about the start of the 2019 season.

  5. Funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Well done. Nearly crashed the car while listening. Delighted to hear Dougie ditched you at the last minute. There was a rare hearing of The Donnelly over the summer for The Scottish Open golf where he commentated for the BBC but that is as far as I know of his latest career direction.

    Looking forward to the next three weeks of rugby.

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