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This year marks the blog’s 10th anniversary. We’ve got a few things planned to mark this momentous milestone, including two podcasts at the end of October and a giveaway courtesy of Stash Corner. Details on those will be coming soon, but as part of the celebrations we’re going to dish out some awards for various achievements in the field of rugby over the past 10 years we’ve been covering Scottish rugby, and we need your help.

Details on those will be coming soon, but as part of the celebrations we’re going to dish out some awards for various achievements in the field of Scottish rugby over the past 10 years and we need your help.

Our writing and editorial team will be deciding some of the awards but we also want our loyal readers and commenters to help by nominating and voting in our “readers choice” categories.

You have until the 22nd of September to nominate candidates for the following categories. We’ll then draw up a shortlist using our discretion for each category and put it to a public vote.

The qualifying “Decade” period for all of the awards runs from the final whistle of Scotland v Argentina at the World Cup Quarter Final on 7 October 2007 to the present day.

Please nominate in the comments. Comments will close on 22 September at 12 noon.


1. Scottish Player Of The Decade
2. Overseas Player Of The Decade (must have played in Scotland but not necessarily for Scotland)
3. #Justice4Roddy Award – Criminally Undercapped Player Of The Decade
4. Scottish Rugby Moment Of The Decade
5. Coach Of The Decade
6. Cult Figure Of The Decade

38 Responses

  1. 1. Sean Lamont
    2. DTH Van Der Merve
    3. this did not specify scotland so can i say That twat gatland not sticking ryan grant on in the lions ? if not then roddy grant i guess.
    4. bad moment – the WC semi with joubert.
    5. Townsend
    6. Allen Jacobsen

  2. 1. Sean Lamont
    2. Leone Nakarawa
    3. Following Neil’s lead, I’m going with a combo of Hoggy, Finn and Watson for the Lions. Otherwise Roddy
    4. Beating Ireland then Wales this year
    5. BVC
    6. Puddin’

  3. 1. Stuart Hogg
    2. Leone Nakarawa
    3. Rob Harley. Although he’s got 20 caps I’ve always thought he’s been undervalued and underused.
    4. Mark Bennett’s interception against Australia in the 74th minute of the infamous QF. That’s the most euphoric I’ve been since beating England in 1990. If only for 5 minutes.
    5. Big Vern
    6. Sean Lamont. If only because I picked Hoggy for #1.

  4. 1. Greig Laidlaw
    2. Leone Nakarawa
    3. Finn Russell (Lions)
    4. (Sadly) Joubert-gate
    5. Gregor Townsend
    6. Vern Cotter

  5. 1. Greig Laidlaw
    2. Leone Nakarawa
    3. John Barclay. This might sound odd as he’s our current captain and first name on the team sheet, but he was criminally underused for almost five years after RWC 2011.
    4. 7s victory at Twickenham in May 2016.
    5. Stern Vern.
    6. Stern Vern again!

    1. John Barclay is an excellent call for number 3. I wonder if it’s too late to change my vote…

  6. 1. Stuart Hogg
    2. Niko Matawalu
    3. Thom Evans. Obviously not through choice but a national tragedy nonetheless
    4. Belfast
    5. Vern
    6. Scott Johnson :D

  7. 1.Stuart Hogg
    2.Leone Nakarawa
    3.Scots boys for the Lions
    4.2017 2nd half v Wales (Merlot’s moment a close 2nd, where I almost blacked out)
    6.Al Kellock

  8. 1. Stuart Hogg
    2. Leone Nakarawa
    3. Ross Ford (those few caps stolen from him)
    4. Beating Australia in Sydney
    5. Sean Lineen
    6. Ross Ford

      1. it has to be the most recent win in sydney cause it the only one , the other one was in newcastle in aus i think ?

  9. 1. Stuart Hogg.
    2. Leone Nakawara.
    3. John Barclay – the wilderness years.
    4. Third try in Sydney v Wallabies June 2017.
    5. Vern Cotter.
    6. Sean Lamont.

  10. 1. Hoggy
    2. DTH
    3. Roddy
    4. Twickenham 7s 2017 with quarter final victory over the Kiwis on the way to victory.
    5. BVC (in homage; Toonie has many years ahead)
    6. Big Sean

  11. 1. Hogg
    2. Nakarawa
    3. John Barclay
    4. Scotlands win at Twickenham 7’s (1st one)
    5. BVC
    6. Al Kellock

  12. 1 John Barclay for his Lazarus type ressurection with the national team. Also captaining a ‘foreign’ team to the pro 12
    2 DTH
    3 Can’t look past roddy grant for his own award. Great player.
    4 Bennett’s try vs oz and subsequent heartbreak. What a game.
    5 Calum MacRae – outstanding 7s achievements
    6 tough choice between Stern Vern and Dan ‘The Man’ Park

  13. 1. Stuart Hogg
    2. Leone Nakarawa
    3. Ross Rennie – A wonderful player struck down with so many injuries. Would have been Lion’s 7.
    4. Joe Ansbro and Ally Strokosch headbutting each other celebrating the away win against Australia in 2012.
    5. Cotter – restored Scotland respectability after being a laughing stock.
    6. Sean Lamont

  14. 1. Big Sean (because I couldn’t choose 2 people for number 6!)
    2. Leone Nakarawa
    3. John Barclay
    4. (With regret) Joubert-gate :-(
    5. Toony (I know BVC brought respect to the national team but the 2015 pro12 campaign and final told the whole of the Scottish rugby world that we could do something special. And besides….)
    ……. 6. BVC (I know the twitter account was a parody but cmon!)

  15. 1. Greig Laidlaw – the beating heart of the Vern Cotter renaissance, holding Finn’s hand until his test maturity. Essential part of so many of our milestone wins over the past few years. Still bizarrely unloved by about 75% of Scotland fans.
    2. Nathan Hines – absolute giant when we could barely scrape a win.
    3. Ross Rennie – should have been a great. One of our biggest unfulfilled talents in our wilderness years (along with Tom Philips, Thom Evans, Jo Ansbro, Simon Taylor).
    4. 2015 RWC QF – the last few
    minutes were the Scottish fan experience distilled into its purest form.
    5. Gregor Townsend – we’re
    beginning to see the light.
    6. Allan Jacobsen – professional athlete.

    1. Your comments about Greig are completed correct, well earned and very warranted. Certainly one of the most underrated elements of Scottish rugby success in the last few years.

  16. 1- Stuart Hogg
    2- Leone Nakarawa & DTH Van de Merwe
    3- Al Dickinson (Due to Injuries)
    4- Scotland 41 vs 31 Argentina (The game that started the renaissance)
    5- Gregor
    6- Sean Lamont

  17. 1 – Stuart Hogg
    2 Nico Matuwalu – pure adrenalin mixed with magic, although the ‘Fiji Weegies’ including Nakarawa might be a fairer shout.
    3 Thom Evans – such a shame he wasn’t allowed to reach his full potential. (Jo Ansbro a close second, Ross Rennie also in there)
    4 – Best was 7’s win over NZ. Worst was Joubert decision in WC QF
    5 – Stern Vern. back on track
    6 – Big Al Kellock – the catalyst for a lot of what Glasgow stands for

  18. 1 – Stuart Hogg (see 6)
    2 – Leone Nakarawa (no-one else close, (honourable mention to Nasty Nathan referred to by my English friends as ‘the cage fighter’)
    3 – Roddy Grant (a travesty)
    4 – Sevens over NZ (historic and after being 0 -21
    5 – BVC (good shout for GT)
    6 – Sean Lamont (there through the whole decade, large as life, and not prepared to settle for rubbish)

  19. OK, will shake it up a bit:
    1 – Chris Paterson, record points scorer. Perseverance & dedication can’t be faulted & virtually single-handedly ensued Scotland won at least a few games during our darkest hours.
    2 – W P Nel (assuming someone who went onto actually play for Scotland is OK). Played a massive part in turning around the fortunes of the Scottish pack.
    3 – Roddy Grant. Others following close behind: Max & Thom Evans as we’re finally selected about 2 seasons after they should have been (bearing in mind who was around then), Alex Grove for being completely ditched after 3 reasonable outings around 2009 AIs, John Barclay as previously mentioned.
    4 – Glasgow winning the Pro 12. The success of the Glasgow team provided the platform for improving the national team.
    5 – Vern Cotter. No explanation needed though Toony an extremely close second
    6 – Sean Lamont. Never say die approach & sadly, that hair!
    Could also have Most Unsung Hero award, player or off-pitch?

  20. 1. Stuart Hogg
    2. Leone Nakarawa
    3. Gordon Ross
    4. Glasgow winning pro12 in Belfast
    5. Townsend
    6. Niko Matawalu

  21. Right, here goes. I’m enjoying this thread !

    1. Chris Paterson – lest we forget just how good he was. He carried us for years

    2. DTHVDM – totally committed and a great team man. Also a little bit longer stayer to date than the undeniably better Nakawara and Nel ( unless . . . . )

    3. Danny Cipriani, says Stephen Jones of the Sunday Times. If not eligible, John Barclay.

    4. Bennett touching down at Twickenham was fantastic but joy was short lived . So it’s Glasgow winning the PRO 12 for me. Titles can never be taken away.

    5. Has to be the one bringing the Irish team to Murrayfield in 2016, which ran a wee bit late. Special shout out to the driver and police escort, and a loud “grow up” and a show of the finger to the utterly miserable Joe Schmidt

    6. The winner ( it is really no contest ) is the great Dr Hugh Dan McLennan. He should be given it automatically, but if he’s not on at least the short list I for one will picket the award ceremony with a huge banner reading “Horneee furra lineee . . .!”

  22. 1. Mossy. A very good player in a limited side. Often played out of position but always gave his all.

    2. Hmmmm, either DTH or Nakawara…..gonna go for Naks.

    3. Ross Rennie because of injury, Barclay because of ???.

    4. That last few minutes at HQ against Australia was joy then despair in a pocket-sized package. A metaphor for being a Scotland supporter if you will, but the Bennett try is my best moment.

    5. BVC but nearly Toonie. Ask again in 1 year.

    6. Big Sean L.

    1. As an aside, I reckon there should be an unsung hero category, and my choice would be Mark Dodson. I remember there were rumblings of discontent when he was appointed, but he has been very progressive, made some excellent decisions, and has probably done more for the development of Scottish Rugby than anyone else.

      1. The suits never get a lot of credit from the supporters, but he’s done a good job, extended the BT deal to 2021 too. Must be a chance we could be debt free by then.

      2. I think the SRU management structure is finally, finally getting to grips with both the Pro and International game in the modern era. Decisions made within either sphere seem to be taken with the other in mind, and all are driven towards increased success for the national side.

        Sponsorship levels are up, and a progressive mindset regarding Pro league structures is in place.

        The one big worry is the grassroots – so many clubs that in my youth were putting out 3 sides each week now seem to struggle to run a 1st XV. Success at the higher levels will increase awareness and participation, and the junior side of the game seems well served, but the SRU cannot for one second take its eye off this particular spinning plate.

      3. Falling adult participation is a problem shared with every other established rugby country – main factors are changing lifestyles, in particular far more ways to spend your leisure time, higher disposable incomes and increasingly sedentary work/lifestyles. Scotland being abject for 15 years obviously won’t have helped!

  23. 1 – Sean Lamont – willing to put his body on the line and willing to speak his mind
    2 – Nakarawa. An absolute joy to watch.
    3 – Roddy Grant.
    4 – Thom Evans injury in Cardiff. At the end of the day it is only a game, and you never want to see one of your team mates, or one of the opposition so close to dying on the pitch.
    5 – Toonie. Right from the off as a young player he has been willing to go outside of his comfort zone and try to learn from others. His coaching reflects that.
    6 – Al Kellock

    How much for a table of 10 at the awards ceremony? ;p

  24. 1 – Stuart Hogg – Half a decade only, but the flagship player of the renaissance.
    2 – DTH – If only for putting Glasgow into the 2015 final.
    3 – John Barclay – Back now, but deserved his World Cup in 2015.
    4 – Mark Bennett’s try in the WC. Bittersweet, but it created the situation where people finally started to take Scotland a little more seriously again.
    5 – Toonie – Did the groundwork for Cotter.
    6 – Ross Ford – Still a massive attacking threat. Still working on those lineouts.

  25. 1: Richie Gray- Was immense as he burst onto the scene and when he finds form he is a monster
    2: Leone Nakarawa- no contest
    3: John Barclay- made a big impact after his lost years
    4: 1st half of 2014 AI vs Argentina and thinking I was dreaming as I saw Laidlaw slicing the argies defence up.
    5: BVC
    6: Ritchie Vernon

  26. 1. Scottish Player Of The Decade S. Hogg
    2. Overseas Player Of The Decade (must have played in Scotland but not necessarily for Scotland) L. Nakawara
    3. #Justice4Roddy Award – Criminally Undercapped Player Of The Decade F. McKenzie or R. Grant
    4. Scottish Rugby Moment Of The Decade Glasgow Pro 12 win, with Edinburgh V Toulouse quarter final a surprisingly close second
    5. Coach Of The Decade Left field J.Daziel
    6. Cult Figure Of The Decade S.Lamont

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