Ryan Wilson to captain Glasgow

Ryan Wilson has been named as captain of Glasgow Warriors for the 2017/18 season by new coach Dave Rennie.

Fresh from a narrow defeat in their opening friendly to Northampton Saints where they lost 24-20 at Stirling County’s Bridgehaugh game, Rennie and Wilson will attend the PRO14 launch in Dublin today. Dublin has also been announced as the venue for the first PRO14 final. No surprises there.

The move represents a near total rehabilitation of Wilson’s public image from his involvement in Chipshopgate back in 2013, some 4 years ago now.

In the intervening time he has become a fixture both for Glasgow and for Scotland and while discipline has been an issue on the field for sure (this is presumably what the press release means by “all-action”), he has put in some towering performances in the navy blue of Scotland, typified by defensive workrate and steady ball carrying.

Gray and Pyrgos will remain part of the leadership group of senior figures that also includes senior players like Stuart Hogg and Fraser Brown.

Wilson faces stern challenges for game time from incoming Callum Gibbins as well as young tyros like Matt Fagerson who also fit into the “6/8, plays a bit of 7” role that John Barclay also does for Scotland, often restricting Wilson to a bench spot when the two crazy 7s are fit – not that often. Adam Ashe resurgent too might put pressure on at Number 8 but at the moment Wilson seems to be top of the team sheet.

He was a fixture during the Townsend/Cotter years, and it looks like this will continue during the Rennie/Townsend years.

Euro fixtures announced

Speaking of Cotter, Glasgow will face his Montpellier side in the European back-to-back fixtures this season. Their opening game will be away to Exeter Chiefs, scheduled for Saturday 14 October (kick-off 7.45pm) live on BT Sport.

The opening game will be away to Exeter Chiefs, scheduled for Saturday 14 October (kick-off 7.45pm live on BT Sport), followed by home to Leinster on Saturday 21 October, kick-off at 1pm (live on Sky Sports).

The Montpellier games are Friday 8 December (kick-off 7.45pm live on Sky Sports) and Saturday 16 December (kick-off 2pm live on Sky Sports).

Final fixtures against Leinster (A) and Exeter Chiefs (H) on the weekend of 12/13/14 January and weekend of 19/20/21 January respectively will be confirmed after Round 4.

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19 comments on “Ryan Wilson to captain Glasgow

  1. 1.8T on

    Hmm. Good for him but I’m not sure how I feel about it. He will have to grow up and stop the petty petulance he can sometimes get involved in (admittedly he is already far better than he was a few years ago), I’m sure he can rise above all that and the responsibility of captaincy will help that.

    Where I’m not so sure is that my mantra always has been, the captain must first and foremost be a nailed on starter in their position. He pretty much has been for Glasgow and has had some epic performances but I wouldn’t want to be in the “Greeg” position where younger and better players come through but are kept out purely because the incumbent is the captain.

    Maybe I’m being a bit harsh. It will be good for Scotland having another guy with experience of being captain in the squad.

      • FF on

        That’s a massive stretch. Not to mention that laid law was instrumental in getting us over the line at the death against Argentina and Ireland. Price is a cracking player and will get many caps but I think we’ll see
        more of laidlaw yet.

    • 1.8T on

      I’m not saying that Laidlaw has nothing to offer but the fact we are even asking the question suggests that he is not a nailed on starter, thus proving my point.

  2. Merlot on

    On a separate note, is anybody else seriously concerned about Scotland’s lack of fullbacks? Glasgow has Hoggy, obviously, but he’s injured. There isn’t really a backup there other than the jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none Peter Horne. Edinburgh has two – Glenn Bryce who at 26 cannot be seen as more than a journeyman fullback, and young Kinghorn, who may yet prove to be the real deal. But there are no other candidates, really. More worryingly, I cannot find a single fullback in any of the Academies. I’m excited by this season but am worried that we have a very empty larder when it comes to #15.

    • DesT on

      Agreed, although I wonder if Jacko is being brought in as backup? I know a lot of people don’t like him, but he’s had little chance of a run of games. I think he’s got a good chance of being backup to both Hoggy and Finn in the short-term.

    • FF on

      Darcy graham has been spoken of as a possible fullback, Maitland and Seymour are good back ups in the current squad. Is Ben Robbins still on the scene?

      • TeamCam on

        Doesn’t Huw Jones play fullback, too? I think the key point is true, though, we’re all naming possibles without a clear backup being identified.

      • FF on

        Clear back up is Maitland. Only injury has stopped him backing up Higg in recent past. Of course, he isn’t the youngest so succession planning is definitely needed.

      • MK on

        Stafford MacDowall has played 15 and looked very useful. But hes a big lad (6’4, pushing 16st and only 18/19) with decent off loading ability, long term position may be a Sonny Bill-esk 12.

      • Robbie on

        Bruce Sorbie. He hasn’t been elevated to stage 3 despite the scholarship, but is still stage 2, so maybe they have some reservations. He certainly beefed up during his time out there and it will be interesting to see how he gets on at Stirling County this year…

    • JohnMc on

      Hang on a mo. A few of us including me were concerned about Tonks’s selection for the Wallabies Test. He did well though. Granted, he’s no Hogg (who is in the northern hemisphere?) but he acquitted himself well under extreme pressure in Sydney.

      • Merlot on

        Good point, well made. Forgot about Tonks. Be interesting to see how well he gets on at Irish in the AP. If he even gets the nod over Luke Mclean.

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