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Scottish Rugby Blog Podcast Episode 11 – Cruising With John Virgo


Episode 11 of our podcast is now available. In this episode Cammy, Gav & Rory discuss the impact of the Lions on Scotland’s summer tour and give you an alternative guide to what’s on during the Lions’ Tour.

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5 Responses

  1. Just somthing regarding the web pages on phone, is it just me when reading a page that the last quarter of writing goes into the blue background ? does not happen on other sites

    1. You’re not alone. Neil! I have the same problem. Slightly better when I hold my phone landscape, but text still partially obscured.

    2. It’s not just you, we think it is an issue with the pages where there are soundcloud/youtube embeds breaking the design and are working on a solution.

  2. Listened to podcast through my early morning insomnia.
    Got to thinking about Edinburgh. (Not cause of insomnia but could have been)
    Could the presence of Kinghorn in 7s and Carmichael at in Perth be evidence of good young players being removed from a very low dressing room?

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