Scottish Rugby Blog Podcast Episode 6 – Via No No

The sixth episode of our podcast is now available in the usual places. This week Cammy and Gav are joined by Jack and Iain. We look ahead to Scotland’s victory over match against England and have our legally mandated Lions chat about whether Warren Gatland got the job because no one else wanted it. Iain also gives us an insight into how he’s managing to do so well in our Superbru fantasy league despite having never played a competative rugby match in his life and Gav gives us all a scolding for getting ahead of ourselves.

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13 comments on “Scottish Rugby Blog Podcast Episode 6 – Via No No

  1. Tony Steedman on

    Guys. Enjoy the blog but please can you improve the sound quality. Not good at all in my view. Variable volume from contributors and interference. Not an expert but could this be caused by talking too close to the microphone ?

    • Cammy Black on

      Hi Tony. That’s a valid comment. We had some issues this week and we did the best we could to fix them. I think generally the sound is OK and often it’s a choice between getting it out in a form that’s alright in plenty of time for people to listen to before the weekend. I think we’re on a par with other fan based podcasts out there. I hope the sound quality is improving week on week but I know there as some issues with the latest episode that we just didn’t have time to fix completely. Going to make some more changes for next week so hopefully you should notice some differences

  2. Tony Steedman on

    Cheers Cammy. On a much more positive note I did hear my name mentioned in this episode. Immortality at last !

  3. Iain Hay on

    I apologise for being a jibbering fool, quite a nerve-wracking experience making your debut.
    And my sound quality is particulary pish. The echo test sounded fine, but as I was explaining to Cammy before we started I have a weird shaped head, (the back of it is almost perfectly flat) so my headset kept slipping. Should I be invited back I’ll have a bespoke one made.

  4. The iMan on

    “Last time Scotland won at Twickenham, we had a female PM, Celebrity POTUS and England were coached by a Dick.” LMFAOWTNTFOTW :)))))))))))))))))

  5. JohnMc on

    Good blog again, lads, even allowing for the sound problems, which did seem to solve themselves in the second half.
    On those accents:
    Scouse – not bad, to my ear anyway.
    Cornwall – a whistle stop dialect tour of Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Norfolk and Suffolk.
    Cockney – all I can say is, ‘Gor Blimey, Mirey Poppins!’.

    On a serious point on England and Scotland comparative strengths and weaknesses, I think this is the fittest Scotland squad I’ve seen for years, maybe the fittest ever. Demonstrated imho by the climb back into the Ireland game to dominate the last ten; the grim struggle to stay in touch until the last five or so of the France game; and the overwhelming of Wales in the second half, especially at the breakdown. I’m sure the fitness and endurance of our 23 will be fully tested again this Saturday.

  6. Ade on

    Tossing off midgets? Surely that counts as a low blow?

    Enjoyed the podcast gents. You really hit the nail on the head with the piece about viagogo. It is obscene the way they are allowed to operate a legal, if immoral, black market operation on ticket prices.

    I’m lucky enough to be going to Twickenham on Saturday via a mate of a mate dropping out. I’m paying face value of £59, but the cheapest on viagogo is just under £400 and going up to £1800 for a pair. No doubt this will be replicated in the games next weekend as well. It is absolutely disgusting and the SRU should be ashamed for having gotten into bed with these thieving naifs.

  7. Referendum on

    “The trouble with Scotland… is that it’s full of Scots!”

    Touch of class these Bookends in the podcast especially Rogara a few weeks back. Brilliant. Got exactly what that comment deserved.

    Didn’t get this week’s end one though. Maybe I’m too young.

    If we beat globalgym this weekend or even if we don’t can we get a bit of Dodgeball in next weeks podcast please? There must be something in there that would sum it all up?

  8. Kaylan Geekie on

    Hahahaha! Great stuff. Always enjoy Gatland barbs. The intro from Edward The Longshanks is one of the great podcast openers.

    P.S. Gatland and Howley are the Arsene Wengers of rugby: jobs for life.

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