Scottish Rugby Blog Podcast Episode 3 – Doing It In Finn Russell’s Head

The third episode of our ever popular podcast is now available in the usual places. This week Cammy and Brodie are joined by Rory and Andy McLellan to rake over the shattered remains of Scotland’s Grand Slam hopes.

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21 comments on “Scottish Rugby Blog Podcast Episode 3 – Doing It In Finn Russell’s Head

  1. Neil on

    Think finn russell wears the 1 wrap turban instead of a scrumcap as it feels uncomfortable and he cant hear/communicate properly with it on.

  2. Ade on

    Had a few thoughts after listening to this. What if a Scotland player on Sunday had pulled off a “Toonie Flip” as the clock turned 79 minutes and we had scored under the posts. Wee Duncy chips over the extras with nonchalant ease and Scotland are 2 for 2 for the first time in a 6N!

    If that had happened we’d all be marvelling over our ability to eke out a win against a great team, in the final moments of a tremendous match. This despite having to field a hugely inexperienced front row, and losing so many players to injury. Factor in that we had clung on in the face of a very impressive French running game and we have a victory for the ages.

    It has amazed me to read some of the negative comments on the other blog posts regarding dropping players, bewailing tactics, tackling etc. As said there are some learning opportunities from Sunday, but also some strong positives too.

    If you had been told 3 weeks ago we’d face Wales with a P2 W1 L1 record, points difference of -1 and tries for greater than tries against then most reasonable Scottish fans would have been content with that. There would have been disappointment that we came close to a 100% start, and rightly so, but tempered with the knowledge we had played an Ireland team who have been at the top of their game and France in Paris. Two games we could have been embarrassed in prior to Vernon Cotter.

    The gap is closing, and we still have the chance to win the 6N and record a Triple Crown – not to be sniffed at!

    • JohnMc on

      Yes, I’m a bit surprised too by reports of negative comment on other blogs. Fair enough, we’ve played better games in the last 18 months, but that was a mighty battle away on Sunday to a strong France side. So still being in with a shout with five minutes to go after all that attrition reflects a lot of credit on the squad. Previous Scotland sides I can think of in the not too distant past would simply have been blown away by a France team playing like that. Yeah, I’m disappointed we didn’t nick it, but the fact we could have is a good platform for some optimism for the rest of the tournament.

    • Referendum on

      Ade ur right. In many ways both games could have yielded against the odds wins but equally close or even heavy defeats. We could have come away with wins but even with the cool last ten against Ireland I don’t think we could argue had we been beaten in terms of territory and chances. So to be in this position is good and shows we can close out tight matches. To be fair in the last year we have closed out tight matches just not against the quality of Ireland for a while.

      The negativity is subject to the loss as had been had we lost to Ireland Equally people say how brilliant we were against Ireland cos we won. Enjoy wins absolutely but to say on one hand we were utterly brilliant cos we won and utterly dreadful cos we lost is far too simplistic.

      What frustrated me at the end was what was highlighted when Hogg didn’t pass in our last play with men over out wide. We would have been in behind them and on front foot at least with a penalty to take quickly or perhaps we had worked it to get through for the try. That could have been The Toony flip moment. This is not to overly criticise the performance as a whole (so many injuries really affected game plan and tiredness of those left and replacements) just frustration at a chance missed in a game we were always in.

  3. Mac2 on

    Agree with these sentiments completely Ade – the big test now is Wales, win that one and we’re set for a successful season with 3W’s & 2L’s – don’t know anybody who wouldn’t have been fairly happy with that at season’s start

    • WestCountryTartanArmy on

      Most definitely 3 wins is and always was the aim. I think quite rightly it was viewed as 3 from a possible 4 (barring something special at Twickenham) and more realistically 2 from a possible 3 as Italy should be a given.
      Where were those two likely to come from? Many would have suggested the two home games. I might have said Paris and Wales @Murrayfield due to the relative strength of the Irish. Either way, unless you were of the bizarre belief that we would beat Ireland and France but lose to Wales, whichever way you slice it we’re still on for the 2 from 3 and the 3 from 4. Not to put too dramatic a point on it, but the success of this 6N hinges on a week Saturday.

      Next year 3 wins should be the aim again and would be a step up again (as it would require either beating England or winning in Dublin or Cardiff).

  4. Duncan Arthur on

    I really don’t think that you are giving Berghan and Ford enough credit for steadying the scrum. Strangely giving it all too Gordon Reid. What is the issue with the Edinburgh Rugby players lads?

  5. David B on

    On the nicknames chat, surely it has to be ‘Hurricane Hamish’, or simply, ‘The Hurricane’. He’s an unstoppable force that throws anything in his path out of his way!

    • Ross on

      I like that, was thinking something along the same lines – tornado. Reckon the view from above after he has bashed off a few players zig-zag style after hitting contact would look pretty similar to a tornado path.

      Personally have to agree with the guys on the pod that Honey Badger suits him perfectly, been sad for a while that that’s already taken.

      Alternatives I reckon ‘Collateral Damage’ or ‘Pinball’ fit well enough. Definitely need to get the boy a nickname that sticks, would set the edinburgh back row up nicely alongside Magnus ‘Concrete Wheely Bin’ Bradbury.

      • Andrew McGavin on

        Was about to suggest ‘Pinball’ before I read your whole post…

        I feel the nickname ‘Slinky’ could be used for any forward who literally bends over backwards in the air when lifted to collect a restart.

  6. Referendum on

    The problem with The Welsh right now isn’t so much looking at form, players and how the teams match up. It is the mental side. This will be trotted out in the lead up and certainly the pre match build up on BBC that we haven’t beat The Welsh home or away in years. I think we’ll need to beat that statistic mentally more than the team on the pitch. We are favourites with home advantage, form players, good vibe etc etc but beating the hoodoo is huge. At least with Ireland we have ground out wins recently.

    This is why in the world cup warm up match against France when we had the chance to kick three points to draw level in the match we should have taken it. Having a positive result under our belt in France recently before Saturday may have been the difference.

    In saying that beating France last year and beating Ireland this year has helped the not beaten France in ages and not having a win first up in six nations. These stats are their to be thrown out and this Scotland team are taking out many of them. Time to do The Welsh one next week.

  7. AndrewD on

    On the change of kit discussion, the home team is responsible for changing kit if the first choice tops clash. Guessing it is something to do with teams carrying more than one kit when travelling. But always the home team that plays in the alternate

    • JohnMc on

      I think it’s always been a courtesy thing, which is a nice tradition in Test rugby. If there’s any kind of colour clash the home team change their colours. I do remember it got quite confused in RWC 07, when Scotland and New Zealand basically wore the same kit at Murrayfield.

  8. Ross on

    Nice pod this week lads, a long one! Took about 2-3 days worth of commutes to get through. Liking the segments and the Toony interview was a nice touch. Noticed that the number of censored beeps went up considerably this week also!

    Shocked and in awe about the big reveals about the Stern Vern Twitter account. Which of you will be owning up to @HoggFacts next week?

    Agree that the Scott Johnson interview seems pretty cynical. If he was as good as he says he is why would he need to try and persuade his bosses of it through the media? They would surely see it for themselves.

    If I may offer a point of criticism, how did you manage to have a whole wee chat about mispronouncing names and then a minute later call Fagerson ‘Ferguson’! (My understanding is that it is Faig-er-son for future reference ;)

    Looking forward to the bitesize preview of Wales next week. I remain optimistic about the game despite the injury blows. This game was always going to be the one to define our championship IMHO (yes that was on purpose).

    On to the Rugby Pod now with Good ‘Ol Jim Hamilton. I hear the Thistle boys make a guest appearance.

  9. Andrew McGavin on

    Who does the jingles, gents? For those who can remember 1980s kids’ television, does it remind anyone else of an inebriated Richard Stilgoe?

      • Andrew McGavin on

        I had meant to add: “Or a sober Cammy Black”.

        Seriously, though, thanks for all your efforts on the podcast and the site generally. It’s now a fixture in my weekly schedule, using more time I don’t actually have, and thoroughly enjoying it.

  10. Cubic pear on

    Re: nicknames for Hot-Shot Hamish: assuming “Hot-Shot Hamish” is out for being too footbally and a bit arrogant, how about The Velociraptor? It would allow us to put on a South African accent and say “Clever Girl” à la Jurassic Park every time he Jackals a turnover…
    (It could be shortened to “The Raptor”, too)

    Failing that, how about a simple HAM-eeeeeeeesh?

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