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Scottish Rugby Blog Podcast Episode 2 – Midlife Gatland


The second episode of our Podcast is now live. This week Cammy, Gav and Brodie are joined by John Anderson to discuss Scotland’s victory over Ireland. There’s also some exclusive Warren Gatland news and a brand new feature (and jingle).

We’re still having some teething issues with sound so please bear with us. It’ll all be sorted by the next episode.

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10 Responses

  1. Just listening to the pod atm, a big improvement from the first one for me , you guys do not sound like yous want to kill yourselfs this time , wether that is from feedback from last time or scotland actually beating a top ranked team , who knows but keep it up guys. when stuart hogg had his debut remember him getting a try disallowed for an apparent knock on which never happened.

    1. Good work guys. Had a good chuckle at Warren Hollywood. Neil, I think Hoggy came on pretty early on in Cardiff in 2012 if my memory serves? He did get a try disallowed for a supposed knock on, and controversially considering your discussion about referees going to the TMO, I think Roman Poite made the call, and then refused to go to the TMO, which cost us a try that might have got us back in to the game.

  2. Yes, a great listen again. Enjoyed the patter. Liked the tone of savouring Saturday’s win tempered by focus first on areas of improvement and second on the big challenge ahead on Sunday. Love the little jingles too.
    Just two comments if I may. Sound quality for one of the participants still needs working on. Sounded like a dial-in from a mobile whose signal was breaking up. And perhaps one of you a wee bit harsh on Dan Parks? I know he was prone to catastrophic lapses in his Test career, but I’m sure he was trying his best at all times, and he did play a major role in that excellent win against Ireland in their last match at Croke Park in, I think, 2010.
    Great stuff! Looking forward to the next edition.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the sound John Mc. We’re using group call (audio only) on Skype. Think we’ve got to the bottom of it (bandwidth and equipment) so hopefully there should be an improvement next time.

      1. Have a wee look at the Blue Snowball mic, for a good mix of quality and price. The only thing when using it is to make sure you’ve got it set up in Skype’s audio options…

        I sometimes play D&D over the internet (I know, I know…) and we’ve found that Google Hangout seems to have better and more stable audio quality than Skype.

    2. Listened to it this morning, thoroughly enjoyable chat with some good points made and debated, keep it up! Just to echo JohnMc’s feedback about the sound, if the volumes for everyone were equalised that would be much better too as I was constantly having to turn the volume up and down (boo hoo I know).

  3. Great show but not enough time was spent slagging off His Royal Highness Ronan O’Gara, who came down with a bad case of foot-in-mouth disease, which by all accounts, was glorious.

  4. If you don’t stick Greeeg down as your kicker then he won’t score you as many points! Good show guys, hopefully have the same optimism after the France game!

  5. Loving the podcast. It’s great to finally have something which focuses on Scotland. I listened to the 5Live podcast for this week (I know, I know, but it’s early days and I never said we were “exclusive”, Scottish Rugby Blog podcast, although I think I might now be ready to commit…)

    Ugo Monye & co were horrifically mealy-mouthed about Scotland’s win, focusing on the celebrations after the kick-off and how they meant Scotland wouldn’t be focused on the next match. They then interviewed Sean Maitland, asked him only about what it felt like to win a match Scotland might usually have lost and used that to support their assertion Scotland weren’t focused on the next match. They even pointedly asked Mike Brown about when England finished celebrating and started looking at the next match.

    It’s such poor and inherently biased journalism, but if we say anything we’re just dismissed as “chippy Scots”. Infuriating.

    For the first (and likely only time) I was fortunate enough to be at the team dinner after the match, tagging along as a colleague’s “plus one”. There was absolutely no sign of over-celebration, either in the rhetoric or the players’ behaviour. Yes, they were pleased, but there was an air of grim determination of a team which knew they were at the very beginning of a long hard championship. Although there was beer & wine out on their tables, very few even looked at the booze and those that did had only one.

    Thank you for providing a balanced and fair assessment of Scottish rugby which is so lacking elsewhere.

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