Six Nations Fantasy Rugby

Come play Six Nations Fantasy with us on SuperBru! It’s free and the requisite amount of fun. We quite like it because you can have a squad to select your team from each week rather than just an XV and the system swaps out injured players if you have any still selected. Ideal if you forget to update in time as usually happens late in the tournament. Just click here:

Pool name: Scottish Rugby Blog

Pool code: oathtome

If you also join our Scottish Rugby Blog “club” on Superbru you’ll be emailed an invite to any future games we run and not have to wait for approval for future fantasy and prediction games. The interface is apparently going to be updated in February which should confuse things slightly!

If you prefer additional platforms, Fantasy rugby is also available on ESPN and the official RBS 6 Nations site if there is sufficient demand.

Good luck!

Created using the combined powers of the Scottish Rugby Blog team.

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