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After at least five requests and almost two years of procrastination we’ve finally got round to producing a podcast.

The first episode is available now on iTunes, Acast and Soundcloud and we’re planning on putting something out on a fairly regular basis throughout the coming Six Nations. After that, and depending on feedback as to whether anyone wants to listen to us rambling on, we’ll probably put something out on a monthly basis to review what’s been happening on the blog, chat about the fortunes of Edinburgh and Glasgow and build up to the Summer Tour. Oh, and the Lions too; we might get round to chatting about their little trip as well.

In the first episode, Cammy, Brodie, Gav and Rory look ahead to the Six Nations. We talk about Vern’s squad, pick our XV to face Ireland and look at who might be in with a chance of being called up to the Lions in the summer.

You can get involved to. We’ll be chatting about the fantasy leagues once they’re set up (keep your eyes on the blog) and picking out out favourite comments from the blog. Comments are open below if you want to chat about anything we’ve talked about in the first episode or offer any feedback (on anything podcast related!).

You can find the podcast in the usual places.




If you have another app or device for listening to podcasts and want to subscribe, our RSS feed is:

If you like what we’ve done please give us a review as it helps spread the word.

A huge thanks to Woodentooth for letting us use their track “Coyote” for the theme music you can hear at the start and the end of the blog. You can listen to them here and find their music on Itunes and Spotify. We’re contractually obliged to point out that Woodentooth were not involved in making any of the jingles.

Also a huge thank you to Adam from the Hiles and Stevens Podcast for technical advice in getting us up and running. We can highly reccomend their “Regional Indie Disco” podcasts for anyone who loves music. Find them on Itunes…/id1055474271?mt=2 and Soundcloud


About The Podcast

The Scottish Rugby Podcast brings you the best in informal chat and discussion about Scottish Rugby. Each week during the season we put out a 40 minute podcast suitable for all listeners, covering all the latest news and key analysis of the big matches. 

We broadcast the podcast live so you can watch and join in on the night. Get involved and submit a comment via YouTube, Facebook or Twitch. You can also choose to watch or listen back afterwards using one of our video or podcast channels:


Alternatively search for “Scottish Rugby Podcast” on your favourite podcast app or smart speaker (eg Amazon Alexa). The podcast is part of the the Sport Social Network. You can find more about other rugby podcasts available on the Sport Social Network on their website.

If you would prefer an ad free version of the podcast as well as a weekly bonus episode taking a deeper – and some times swearier – dive into the main talking points you can sign up to our Patreon from just £3 a month. This also gets you access to our super secret social media group where you can chat to other fans of the podcast and rugby in Scotland.

Scottish Rugby Podcast

16 Responses

  1. Great job guys. Thoroughly enjoyed that! Gotta say though that I think Hew Jones has to start! He is some talent and will be as fresh as a daisy! Mind Glasgow’s first game after pre-season? I think he is going to tear Ireland up. Prove me right Huw!

  2. Good work – made my Friday afternoon at work more bearable!

    I think if Huw Jones is fit and match ready he’ll start instead of Bennett.

    I do wonder whether Swinson will start based on form in Europe – not seen enough of RG to know what sort of form he is in. JG and Swinson work well together in the maul for Glasgow both in attack and defence.

  3. Unless Richie Gray has been tearing it up for Toulouse it’s gonna be tough to leave Tim Swinson out.

    I must admit I’m not his biggest fan – I think he’s too small for an International lock – but he has been in terrific form and possibly deserves a start.

  4. Great start with Jim Telfer’s, classic spine-tingling words. Then I really liked “Classic Scottish wishful, but not arrogant, thinking”, contrast with English/RFU arrogant, but not wishful, thinking? Finally, Will Greenwood as the “Only likeable ex-England international” although I think I would add Ben Kay to that. The BT Rugby coverage is a revelation and eclipses Sky in my view. More, please, gentlemen.

    1. It always used to amaze me how the BBC would pick the most annoying, chippy English ex-players as pundits (Steve Smith, Austin Healey, Brian Moore), but the latter has grown on a lot of us, and Greenwood is definitely a class act. Healey was purring about Glasgow the other week as well.

      Thanks for the podcast – looking forward to the next ones!

  5. Good first pod guys, very enjoyable.

    I was interested to listen to your comments about Itoje and whether he is over-hyped or not. Whilst he is clearly an excellent international class player, and an absolute specimen physically, I also doubt he is as good as is currently being suggested.

    In the pros column, he is clearly a fabulous turnover threat and he is excellent both offensively and defensively in the line out. In terms of cons, he has yet to convince me with his tackling (c. 80% success rate) and his positioning defensively, plus he seems to have a little of the Ross Ford’s about him in that for me his carrying doesn’t seem to quite match his physique; whilst not necessarily bad, still a little disappointing.

    I think I would still have him as a starting lock in the Lions tour, but for me its not as simple as many seem to think (i.e. the only decision being who partners Itoje). I certainly wouldn’t be disappointed to see AWJ and JGray for instance.

  6. I really enjoyed that podcast guys and I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for the next! Chuffed to get a mention on ‘Comment of the Week’ too :)

    More importantly, this is a really positive step in the development of Scotland’s rugby fan base.

    Keep up the good work and fingers crossed your listening audience grows.

  7. Great job guys, really enjoyed listening. Quite surprised to hear mention of my old school, the I.R.A. I wasn’t sure we even had a team when I was there.

  8. Yeah definitely need to iron out the sound issues on the podcast. It sounded like Gilchrist was being picked over Swinson for the Ireland match day squad…

    V good listen apart though

  9. Good to hear some Scottish rugby comment – but you really need to do something about the sound (plus stop turning away from the mic).
    It made a change to hear some thoughtful chat about the game in Scotland but as for picking teams, please get rid of the phrase “I’m not a fan”! Spell out why, rather.
    Yes, well worth a listen!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Ken, the podcast team will be monitoring this thread avidly! In the absence of all being able to get into a room it’s down to the quality of everyone’s equipment but we expect the technical quality to improve with experience…

  10. Great to hear the voices behind the reports, thanks .

    My Barbarian socks would be ‘Christmas Socks’ ……………………..
    as every girl wants to pull a big cracker :)

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