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The Good News News Thread

Scotland Club XV won 57-27 - pic © Al Ross/Novantae Photography
Scotland Club XV won 57-27 - pic © Al Ross/Novantae Photography

Following wins for the national team, Edinburgh, Glasgow, the U20s and the Club International side at the weekend, Glasgow have continued the good news theme with the signing of World Cup winning All-Black hooker Corey Flynn. At age 35 he’s probably tailing off his career but as a role model for younger Scottish hookers – and there are one or two at Glasgow –  he could prove a seriously good bit of business and also perhaps alleviate the stress during International periods if Pat MacArthur is injured (which seems quite often).

Just for Merlot, here’s a pic of him:

As we weren’t able to provide reports on some of those games you can discuss Edinburgh’s win over Scarlets (and their lack of signings), the Under 20s, the Club international in here if you like.

Here’s the Club International team that beat England Counties 57-27 at Netherdale:

Scotland Club XV: Fraser Thomson; Sam Pecquer, Ross Curle CAPTAIN, Brendan McGroarty, Jordan Edmonds; Lee Armstrong, Paddy Boyer; George Hunter, Ross Graham, Nick Beavon, Robert McAlpine, Jack Turley, Jason Hill, Will Bordill, Peter McCallum. Replacements: Michael Liness, Struan Cessford, Jamie Bhatti, Russell Nimmo, Neil Irvine-Hess, George Graham, Cameron Ferguson, Harvey Elms.

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  1. Much appreciated news but surely you could have found a picture of Corey Flynn? Much as I like Tommy I’m not sure his hairy mug adds anything to your blog!
    Glasgow and Edinburgh seem to have found a way to win these tight matches and this is finding its way into the National side (maybe – one swallow and all that). It seems Scotland are turning into a “confidence” side – a bit like France a while back – where a win here and there will turn into better performances and hey presto a winning streak. Here’s hoping!

    1. Unfortunately there’s a difference between finding a picture and legally using a picture. All of our pictures over the last few years are provided by the wonderful and kind Al Ross of Novantae Photography and are used with his permission, but if he didn’t take a picture of it we don’t often have it and I’m not sure he was in service when Corey Flynn last visited Murrayfield. I will have a look to see if there are any from Toulouse’s visit last season! We can embed pics from Getty but unfortunately these don’t work as our main article images with our system, but I’ve put one in above just for you.

  2. Glasgow now have three home games on the trot to try and get a foothold in the top 4. Although we’ll be missing the majority of our first team due to the 6N we’ll want at least 10 points from those 3 games to give us a chance. That’s a big ask with both Leinster and Ulster visiting, as well as an improving Blues side, but as we’re travelling away from home for 4 of the last 5 games Glasgow have to make the most of playing at home.
    Edinburgh’s next two games are key – home to Connaught then away to the Dragons. Win those and Edinburgh can look to a top 4 finish, but it’s just as likely that we’ll lose both and end up mid table and fighting for a Euro spot.

    1. Glasgow have to beat Ulster – no question.

      In fact it looks like they’ll need maybe 6 wins from their last 8 games and play Connacht and Scarlets away, so winning all three of their home games would be a good place to start.

  3. I’ll treat this as the “News Thread”, good or otherwise.

    Greg Tonks leaves Edinburgh for London Irish “with immediate effect”as per the BBC.

  4. I must admit I’ve always liked Tonks but lately he has been poor, with some especially wayward kicking. So, perhaps a move south may revitalise him much as it has done Visser at Harlequins (though is joining Irish a good idea – they look like they’re on the way down…?). Edinburgh need a clear out of players as they have accumulated a bit of deadwood but even more so they need a recruitment drive, particularly amongst the backs. The Under 2os look a good place to start but they also need a big name or two to provide experience and leadership.

  5. So, the count is now Nakarawa, Nayaravoro, Scott, Coman, Tonks, Beard, Gilchrist maybe/definitely heading out of Glasgow and Edinburgh. Have I missed anyone?

    1. Only the ones that are still in negotiation. We sadly, still have a few players too lose.

      1. Of these, only Nakarawa and Scott are real losses, I would include Gilchrist, but he has never been fit for any period of time, more is the pity.

  6. Nakarawa is leaving!?! When was this announced? Where is he going? Gilchrist is possibly off too? Disappointing on both counts but not hugely surprising.

    1. It is rumoured that nakarawa could possibly be going to Racing92, it seems they may buy him out of his final year of his contract with the Warriors. No announcement yet but strong rumour, similar with nayaravoro, nothing announced but strong rumour he will use a break clause to return to the warratahs at the end of the season.

      1. Interesting, as I know Mourad Boudjellal is crazy with money but crazy enough to sign both Gilchrist and Nakarawa? So a move to Racing for Leone would seem more plausible.

  7. Word down at club is that Sam Johnson is moving from Glasgow to Edinburgh at end of season. Would make sense given depth at Warriors and Beard leaving Edin. Seemed to be coming onto a bit of a game for Glasgow though, hope they haven’t been too hasty.

    1. If Johnson was signed as a project player than he needs to get at least 50 matches before he’s SQ and he won’t get that at Glasgow so this is a good move.IMO.

      1. Johnson has been impressive but Toony must have someone coming through or he’d be crazy to let him go. With Dunbar, Bennett and Vernon and Horne he has cover but Pete could well be covering 10 also…

      2. Toonie’s also got – Paddy Kelly, Nick Grigg, & Robbie Fergusson (and more). Move makes a lot of sense given the wealth of Pro and Academy centres Glasgow have and the departure of Beard, Scott, & probably Strauss from Edinburgh.

        Burleigh, Dean, Allen, Galbraith & Johnson is a nice wee centre group for Edinburgh.

      3. Dunbar and Bennett are National team players and Horne always should be in contention due to his versatility and generally being a good player. So taking into consideration 6N, Autumn internationals, injuries and player rotation you would expect that he would get good game time at Glasgow.

        I would say that only the three named above are higher in the pecking order than Sam J. Vernon and those coming through would be bellow in my opinion.

        Coming through are Fergusson, Bryce and Grigg. Only one of then is a 12. Think Sam J’s favored position is 12.

  8. Just looked back at the clear out on Laidlaw just before Russell’s yellow card. It’s pretty nasty as he’s tipped on his head and just let go from a height. Looks much worse in slow motion but still pretty bad. It wasn’t replayed at the time due to Italian direction not wanting to draw attention but although Laidlaw talks alot it’s usually right so Peyper would have done well not to just dismiss his protestations. Most importantly why has the chap not been cited for it? During the world cup he’d have been banned for 18 years…

    1. Haven’t you figured it out by now? Players are perfectly free to commit foul play whenever they like as long as it’s against scots! John Jeffrey needs to be held accountable for this as our rep on the referees panel.

  9. Correct Mako, Fergusson has been lining up at 13 for LS. He has impressed. Great to see a youngster given a chance and seize it. Same applies to George Horne.

  10. Does anyone know which Scotland players have been cited yet? Usually world rugby ban a couple at this stage of a tournament. I did hear that Barclay had an extra half time orange, while Hogg sneezed at the wrong time. Surely unprecedented bans to follow!

  11. Not convinced that Edinburgh giving Ford a further 3 year deal is good business. Hooker is one of the positions where the national side has little depth. An opportunity to expose the next generation to regular competitive rugby has been lost, as one of the top wage earners gets a chance to pad out his rtirement fund in the comfort zone.

    1. I think first and foremost Edinburgh’s recruitment should be focused on making Edinburgh as competitive as possible. Not trying to keep together the strongest front row in the Pro-12 would be madness. Not to mention the fact that Dickinson, Ford and Nel have emerged as such a formidable unit by playing together at Edinburgh once Solomons Got rid of Cuttitas (sp?) influence. Scotland have benefitted massively.

    2. I like the look of James Maclolm who is getting game time at Glasgow. I suspect the Ross Ford deal is good business for the SRU , personally think it would be good for him to move and gain new experiences however rugby is a job and like all jobs , mobility can limit your choices. He is carrying well for Scotland at the minute and effective in that department. I have noticed a few hookers actually hooking lately , I am wondering if the three prop front rows may be unfashionable in the next three years.

    3. If they had let him go there would have been a lot of complaints that “another Scottish International is allowed to leave Scotland…….” Can’t win really can they?

      1. No it is always easy to have an opinion when you do not know all the facts. There is rumours that we are about too lose one of our brightest stars however both our pro sides are injected with interesting youngsters.

        I for one will recognise the passing talent and their contribution. Hope they do well, as it is a short career for them, then get right behind the emergent players.

        We need to be positive right now, and why not, there is a lot to be positive about. In addition the other nations are keen ro see Scotland re emerge as a competative rugby nation.

      2. Good words bulldog. It is all about the blend with a squad. Not an easy thing to get right

  12. More good news….Pygros is starting for Glasgow this weekend. Do you think he may sneak onto the bench for the remaining two 6n fixtures? Also, Bennett is starting at outside Centre against the blues. Does this suggest he may not be starting against France? Will Dunbar sneak into the bench also? Excellent.

    1. Lets see if they can get through the game without being injured. I see Maitland, Laidlaw, Visser and Taylor starting for there respective teams this weekend. Hope they can come through unscathed. We’ve had rotten luck on this front.

  13. Decent looking line up for Edinburgh tonight. Blair Kinghorn, Damien Hoyland, Chris Dean, Matt Scott, Tom Brown; Phil Burleigh, Sam Hidalgo-Clyne; Rory Sutherland, Neil Cochrane, John Andress, Anton Bresler, Ben Toolis, Jamie Ritchie, Hamish Watson, Cornell Du Preez. A fair bit of young talent that’s come through the system there, so fair play to Solomons for walking the talk. Hopefully they can get a result.

    1. No that you would know if from the chat on the Scotsman comments section. After the Rory Scholes signing plenty of folk gnashing there teeth at the gall of Solomon’s in ignoring young Scottish talent, he must be sacked immediately!! Not many teams in Aviva, Pro 12, Top 14 or even Super Rugby giving starting spots to two 19 year olds in a pivotal game I’d expect!

      1. MK- I agree. I’m a Glasgow season ticket holder but get annoyed by the constant Edinburgh bashing especially in The Scotsman. Negative reporting seems to encourage the negative comments. I like what AS is doing. Cup Final last year and good league showing this year. I just want Scottish Rugby to flourish once again. I think we are getting there. Aim for as high as possible. It will still take more time and if any of our teams don’t win European Cups, leagues, 6 Nations etc lets not be too hard on them.

      2. Agree massively – the showings against Scarlets & the second half against Connacht have filled me with huge confidence going forward. The young guys have added such latitude to Edinburghs play and have shown they’re more than up to the challenge of Pro Rugby. Dean Kinghorn Hoyland out wide are hugely exciting. With the likes of Tonks, Coman etc heading off, Edinburgh are going to have one of the youngest squads in pro12 history next year – they’ve still got the likes of Hugh Fraser, Ally Miller, Tom Galbraith, Murray McCallum, Ben Robbins, Ruairi Howarth & Hugh Fraser to come. Backed up by their older front 3, Nasi Manu and Burleigh, give them a few years and they’ll be a very good side.

  14. Hmmm Bennett played 80 minutes against Cardiff but Dunbar pulled at half time. Scott out – I wonder if that points to Bennett being dropped for France game in place of Dunbar/Horne starting…

    1. If you know the answer to that your name is Vern Cotter. Bennett’s blunder in the first half won’t have helped him. Not sure Dunbar is ready for next level up in terms of match fitness. Close call.

      1. What about Taylor + Horne with Dunbar on the bench? Taylor and Dunbar seems a little similar, although it would help combat French power…

    2. Think an awful lot will depend on what bench options Cotter wants.

      For me, Taylor and Bennett. Horne on the bench. Leave Dunbar to get better up to speed.

      1. It’s an interesting one indeed. I Reckon it’s going to be Dunbar at 12 with either Bennett or Taylor at 13. One of these guys on the bench with Horne also sitting there to cover the whole back line. Even if Matt Scott was fit I don’t think he would be on the bench. A good player but these lads have the edge. Looking forward to team announcement.

  15. Real shame for Bennett. He was having a blinder up to that point. That’s a real hard one to take. At least it wasn’t a game-losing moment – but could really have done with bonus point.

  16. Angus,

    Great, makes the moaners and bashers on the Hootsmon look like beginners.

    1. Cheers Mike

      Queenslanders aren’t backwards in coming forrards

      Update – Richard Graham got stood down today as Head Coach to b replaced by the 2 assistants as Co-Head Coaches and now all hell has broken loose about the inability of the QRU to appoint one over the other.

      All fun and games in the Sunshine State :)

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