Matt Scott bound for Gloucester

Edinburgh and Scotland centre Matt Scott will be Gloucester and Scotland centre Matt Scott from next season, it was announced today.

It’s a big blow for anyone (Peter Wright) who prefers not to see Andries Strauss clogging up Edinburgh’s midfield attack, but probably the right decision for Matt Scott the rugby player to expand his horizons. Hopefully he will flourish, like team-mates of the same vintage who can remember a swashbuckling Edinburgh attack, Greig Laidlaw and Tim Visser.

It does leave Edinburgh a little lightweight in midfield with the primary candidates in the centre the impressive Michael Allen (Irish) aforementioned journeyman Strauss (South African), Sam Beard (Kiwi), newcomer Chris Dean or Phil Burleigh – or indeed someone like Dougie Fife could perhaps do a job, but it is nothing more than makeshift.

Is there a centre out there you would like to see brought in?




10 comments on “Matt Scott bound for Gloucester

  1. MK on

    I’m a Scotland fan 1st, Edinburgh fan 2nd. Disappointed from a Edinburgh perspective, but again its a player in his prime that another team will foot the bill for, with only 2 pro teams this is the only viable way to build depth from a Scottish perspective. All depends if Te Rure or Kinghorn can step up to 10. Burleigh is better at 12 so ready replacement. Patrick Kelly or Nick Grigg to Edinburgh? No way Duncan Taylor would move.

    • FF on

      No dressing up the fact that losing our best back is a blow for Edinburgh and the development of what is beginning to look like a useful team. We’re going to have to get used to losing the best players from Scottish rugby – no way we can offer financial packages even middling English clubs can. We need to make sure our academies are producing them as quickly as English (and French) clubs pick them off.

      Scottish rugby needs both pro-sides to be competitive to grow their fan bases and get us on a more sustainable financial footing. Can’t see how this is anything other than bad news for Edinburgh and Scotland.

  2. Andy on

    Glasgow have Dunbar, Bennett, Horne, Johnson and Vernon fighting for 2 spots. They don’t need all 5 of them.

  3. Bulldog on

    Well right move for Matt Scott PLC and why not. He has already had one serious injury , why not get out and widen his networks and experience. Ican see Scott getting injured again if he hangs around Edinburgh.

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