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With less than 24 hours until the 2015 World Cup kicks off, we’ve set up a couple of fantasy rugby leagues to give you some skin in the games other than Pool B nailbiters. Both are free to join and a good laugh, at least until you forget to switch out your team mid-tournament and end up with a squad of injury cases…

ESPN Fantasy Rugby

Join us over on the established ESPN fantasy platform for the usual misguided attempts to disprove the theory that we know more than our readers. Almost never works.

ESPN World Cup Fantasy Rugby

League Pin: 1169456-12711


I’ve just discovered this platform although I’ve been aware of it for a while as a name lurking in the shadows. It looks pretty in depth and the Fantasy game has some great features, including some missing from the ESPN game (like separate captains/kickers, a subs bench/automatic squad rotation in the event of injury and more). There are also prediction based games and games for other sports including NFL, Aussie Rules and even tennis…

Just click here to join our World Cup Pool/league:

SuperBru World Cup Fantasy Rugby & Prediction Games

Pool name: Scottish Rugby Blog
Pool code: goalrods

We also have a “club” set up on SuperBru so we can repeat competitions say around 6N or ECC time. There might be a PRO12 pool on the go soon too.

I might need someone to help if it proves popular!

With both pools we aim to try and rustle up some prizes. Speaking of which, head over to the latest competition for some Front Up gear.

If you are joining the discussion on Twitter, don’t forget the official hashtags and emojiis!

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  1. Jonty on

    Which game is it on superbru? Trying to join predictor league but can’t find a league with that search term.

    Can you post a link?

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