Vern Cotter Commits Another Year

His paper record isn’t the greatest with the 2015 Six Nations casting a pall over everything, but there are not too many Scotland fans who doubt that Vern Cotter not only has a vision for how Scotland should play, but also that his squad is growing in the right direction.

They will therefore be pleased to hear that the SRU today announced a contract extension of another year util 2017. Having taken a while to get hold of their man, they are keen to hold on to him.

That will allow him to continue developing the skill and confidence of a young player group – with origins worldwide – and also further putting his imprint on the coaching and management group, something lacking since his tenure began in 2014.

Good business.


3 comments on “Vern Cotter Commits Another Year

  1. Frazer on

    I think this is great news! Yes Scotland had a poor 6N but there was a lot to feel positive and we were in with a chance in 4 out of the 5 games and some of our attacking play was very exciting.

    I am excited to see how BVC and Jason O’Halloran work together. O’Halloran is very highly thought of in NZ and IMO it’s a bit of a coup getting him on board.

    Reasons for Scottish rugby fans to be excited about the future.

      • Rory Baldwin on

        Well there’s that too.

        I think this must have always been the intent to keep him a little longer with the new signings in the coaching department, or else the next guy would have had the same problem being lumbered with someone else’s coaching staff…

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