…And Here’s the New Scotland Kit

Without wishing to become the publicity arm of the publicity arm, here’s a video revealing the new Scotland rugby kit for the world cup. I have to say when I heard the word “tartan”, I feared the worst, but Macron have been reasonably subtle.

It’s not going to please everyone – especially if it clashes with your match day kilt – but represents a subtle update from the more traditional shirt we’ve seen as Macron’s valiant first effort.

Top model posing award looks like it should go to Sam Hidalgo-Clyne.

UPDATE: Here are the Gray brothers in the new strips:

New Scotland kit 2015 - pic © SRU

New Scotland kit 2015 – pic © SRU

In other news, Ben Toolis and Dougie Fife have been called up to the Scotland training squad as replacements for Tim Swinson (ankle) and Duncan Taylor, the latest in a long line of Scotland centres with shoulder complaints. Toolis was very unlucky to miss out first time round and will push hard for a place in the final squad. Alex Dunbar is in America receiving advanced rehab to be ready in time, further adding to the worries of a Scotland midfield that will face some big runners come the autumn, and it’s a bit of a lottery as to who will be back in time. Richie Vernon’s cult continues to grow amongst Glasgow fans and he could well be rising sharply into contention for a place in the team, possibly alongside Pete Horne who shrugged off his inconsistent Six Nations to finish exceptionally well with Glasgow.

8 comments on “…And Here’s the New Scotland Kit

  1. johnmc on

    Well at least it is instantly recognisable as a Scotland home and away kit, which has to be a plus. Unlike the horrible grey mush of RWC 2007, which clashed with the ABs’ own second strip so much that the only way you could tell the difference between the sides at Murrayfield was the scoreline…….

  2. PJ on

    I’d like to see Horne and Vernon pair up in the warmup games. Vernon also has the added bonus of being able to cover 8, which could see Scotland use the Glasgow move involving Strauss moving to the centre for scrums.

  3. Angus on

    Love the new strips and can’t wait to get my order in. Seems like there’s been a good reception in contrast to the shock and horror the Quallabies strip got a few weeks ago lol

  4. Andy on

    I take it these are World Cup only strips, and we’ll return to the all blue for 6 nations? Actually, wouldn’t mind the above strips becoming our 6 nations kit, but without the tartan.

  5. Neil on

    OK but I wouold have replaced the tartan stipe with a brigh yellow one crossing from the right shoulder to the left base. I would also make the strip as luminous, glittery and dazling bright as possible to put the opposition of their stride.
    Lets face it, our team is not exactly brilliant so we need every advantage that is available to us if we are to stand a chance.

    • Scott on

      It’s not all doom and gloom. We have the strongest fly half in Finn Russel since Townsend, we have an incredibly strong centre pairing in Dunbar and Bennett (if BOTH are fit), Ross Ford is learning how to throw the ball in better at the lineout and BVC has like 3 months to teach him to hook, Hogg is an obvious talent who seems to have learned some lessons from Wales 2K14,Seymour is the king of the interception and keeps opposition on their toes, Jonny Gray is a real workhorse with very impressive tackling stats, Richie is once again finding some of the form from his Glasgow days, Strauss will come in and add some real go forward with powerful carries and from what I’ve heard about Nel he could sure up the scrum. Some food for thought, just to rain some sunshine on your rainsoaked parade :P

      • Andy on

        I would also add that having now seen most of the other countries strips for the WC, there are some shockers out there so I reckon we dodged a bullet :)

        England launching theirs today – previews online already – I have to say, they are one ugly bunch – everyone of them with a face like a bag of spanners.

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