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We’re constantly working behind the scenes to try and give you the best Scottish rugby site on the web. We think we do okay, but we know there are ways we could do better. So please fill out the (anonymous) survey below and help shape the direction of this site, with your thoughts on what you like, don’t like or possibly ways in which you could help out.

Given the recent explosion in the comments sections, we’re especially interested in your thoughts on that area!


Rory and the team

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7 Responses

  1. Quick question, have you guys ever thought of doing a Podcast?

    I’m personally a keen listener to a variety of different ones, mainly football related and a couple of rugby ones, but I find it incredibly frustrating as Scottish rugby is seldom covered.

    For example, I’ve just listened to BBC 5 Live’s 6 Nations preview, out of 50 minutes worth of content there was about 10 given to the Scottish game, most of which was going over Finn Russell being banned. Nothing on Italy’s selections either so it’s incredibly frustrating.

    I know John Beattie used to do one every so often for BBC Scotland but it doesn’t seem to be going this year.

    Anyway, just a thought. I’ve had a look around online and they seem to be pretty easy things to do from home, would be good to hear if anybody else would be interested in listening to it or has any recommendations for ones to listen too?

  2. Ha yeah, I totally understand time can be the issue, just thought it would be worth bringing up as I do feel we get forgotten about when the big channels cover rugby.

    Cheers for that Cameron, I’ll have a look in that one. I need something quality to play after listening to Matt Dawson for an hour on the 5Live podcast…

  3. Let us rate the players. Then email or post the results to the SRU after every game. Let the players see who we rate and who we don’t. At the end of the season award the player with the best score as SRB’s player of the season – even get a sponsor for it, maybe an interview and photo with the player. At the moment the players are living in a bubble, the media are telling them they are all brilliant and simply unlucky to lose. Maybe, they are not listening to the coaches as they are drunk on their own grandeur? Bring them down to earth – the fans pay a fortune to watch them, there must be some feedback.

  4. I think it might be a good idea to include a page signposting Scottish rugby supporters to where they can access mental health support. Rugby-induced depression always seems to peak in the spring for some reason.

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Scottish Rugby News and Opinion