Montpellier 13-15 Glasgow

Apologies, due to a lack of bodies there’s no match report this week, but let us know what you thought of the match in the comments below. Glasgow emerged victorious from a bruising encounter in France with the rich Montpellier club. Penalties from Finn Russell scored Glasgow’s points – Hogg missed three long range attempts – while the home side grabbed a late penalty try to snatch a bonus point.

Were you worried by injuries to Dunbar and Seymour?

Impressed by Mark Bennett and Jonny Gray?

3 comments on “Montpellier 13-15 Glasgow

  1. pragmatic optimist on

    Rugged and professional display from Glasgow. Defences on top for most of the match,
    but Glasgow always looked more dangerous.
    Haven’t heard any medical bulletin on the injuries other than Gilchrists for Edinburgh.
    Glasgow have put themselves in a great position, they just need a performance against a Toulouse side who have been misfiring this year. They seem ponderous and predictable.

  2. Suffolkscot on

    Fantastic result for Glasgow. They just seem be going from strength to strength
    All the best for Seymour and a speedy recovery never like seeing head knocks
    . Cant believe we have no report down to a Chinese and a few beers!!
    Lol where’s the self sacrifice to write one up!!!

    On a good note I’ve got tickets for Scot v Samoa hurah next year cant wait
    Never been to a Rugby World Cup game before might try and
    Get some more come Nov sale as long as its not rip off prices

  3. Old whistler on

    Does J P Doyle not know that early scrum engagement is a free kick, not a penalty? But then his reffing of the scrum overall was not of the best. Glasgow looked the more likely to score a try and should have against the post!

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